Oct 10, 20175593 views
Seiko SKX and my teams colors. Hopefully the Nationals are the ones with the W in Chicago this afternoon!
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Go Nats! Funny, I grew up a Washington Senators fan and their nickname was the Nats. I used to be up past my bedtime, listening to their night games on a transistor radio hidden under my pillow. That's exactly how I listened to their last game, which they had to forfeit because fans stormed the field in the 9th before the game was over. The next year they were the Texas Rangers.
Haha, that is great. I used to live in DC and was around when the Expos moved and became the Nats. I watched a lot of bad baseball over the years with them but saw Strasburg's MLB debut, as well as Harper's. From worst to first.
Even though I've since moved I still root for them (unless they are playing the Tigers).