Oct 20, 20174407 views
So today's wrist check is an interesting one, and I'm not sure how you guys view homages/copies, but here goes.

When I first started looking into watches, I wanted something simple cheap, that got the job done. Ebay was my go to, and tbh I wanted something that looked sporty, and blacked out. And then I found this from a Chinese brand called infantry. It's big, silent, lume on the hands, simple but different. I liked it for what it was. A casual beater watch that I thought looked great after putting it on a rubber strap.

Anyways, a few weeks later, I come across this just randomly browsing online. The $100 Citizen avion (goddamn ironic ain't it?). I will say I'm not sure how I feel about this. The citizen definitely looks higher quality, and the silver case looks great. Citizens is also solar powered vs just quartz, but the watch I bought for just $15 definitely had good build quality, and tbh idk if I like the looks enough to have purchased at Citizens going price.


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Nothing wrong with an homage!
If it keeps good time and you like the look of it then I say it is a winner.
I've never seen one with a double a.m./p.m. inner chapter ring. Interesting.
I've been looking at this Tissel watch below from Korea (Miyota movement) in the same vein. I like the absolute absence of any branding, coupled with an exhibition back automatic movement. There's a cheaper version with a Chinese movement too.

I've seen a version with a hammer crown that fits it better, but they no longer seem to sell it.
I like the stealth, color wise and lack of branding.