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Todays Wrist-Check is a poster child for simple - the Casio MTP-1370. I dug this one out because MassDrop member Asheikm busted-out his newer MTP-1381L a few days ago.

I love watches that show the entire name of the day….I just do. This watch has been sitting on the Amazon website for ever with a lonely price of about $40. It would always appear in my Amazon search results when looking for watches with day, date, week numbers, or calendars. I would pause for a moment, glance at it, then move on. Well, as you can see, I bought it. I felt that it would die on the shelf….un-sold!

Not a bad looking watch, it’s sharp crisp, clean, and smart. The full date complications at the top of any watch gets me every time. This one doesn’t snap into view at exactly 12-midnight like my Hamilton. In fact it kinda goes all the way past 3o’Clock before it flips over…but I like it none the less. Outside of that the watch offers no other thrills.

Note: I’m not 100% sure about the caliber.

Movement: cal.5336 Japanese Quartz Movement with hacking
Complications: Full Day and Date
Case: 45mm Polished Stainless Steel
Crystal: Scratch Resistant Mineral
Band: 19mm Genuine Leather
WR: 50-meter




Instant Update: Just for shits & giggles I swapped the leather band for one of my old stainless steel expansions bracelets. The brand is Flex-On, looks great ‘eh?
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2 date complications is not what I would say the definition of simple is! But as a POTUS once said, "Well that depends what your definition of is, is."
Agree with you on the sharp/clean look and for $40? Good pick up.
You’re correct - maybe I just stuck on it being such a low cost watch. And now that I put an expansion bracelet on it, I’m digging it so much more.
I like the Flex, all that shine plays well with the clean face.