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cool unusual/'rare'-ish Orvis with two movements (obviously designed with people that travel between timezones, etc), i just like that it's unusual with two movements and crowsn, a bit smaller but since it's so long across the wrist, it wears larger than dimensions would seem to indicate. I have to keep track of multiple time zones in the US for work (though it's fairly simple, i don't 'need' a watch to help me, but do we really 'need' most of our watches haha).
It's minty old stock, still have the old plastic across the back of the case. No romantic or impactful story here, just a cool/funky unusual watch with a classy design, and elegant case design and dials. Could really be classified 'unisex', the dimensions are more in line with vintage watches and old dress watch size numbers.

it's my only other 'quartz' besides the Tag Heuer pro 200m.
On the topic of Tag Heuer and Orivs, ... (below not my watch but I want one)

props to Orvis, they have one of the coolest inexpensive quartz chronos on the market, i've had my eye on this beauty for a while, the SQ chrono is so Heuer Monaco like




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update, wife's little quartz died, she liked this thing, so i've passed it on to her, time for me to score something else :-)
Nice piece Danbo....A super Cali design...(-;