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I am satarting youtube

I am starting a youtube channel and have been looking for a usb microphone and a capture card. I do not want to spend too much on them as I am not a person to spend a lot of money.

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I have a Samson Meteor mic and tnat runs about $60 on
You can use a Blue yeti snowball for audio and OBS for recording gameplay (OBS is free by the way!)
For the michrophone you can get the blue snowball or the yetti. For the capture card I would reccomend an Elgato capture card.
I have the blue snowball microphone which is a great usb mic and for capture cards I use the roxio hd pro which is great but if you want a great capture card I'd go with the elgato hd60
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thanks for the mics but I am playing on the xbox 360 so I don't think Nvidia will work for it
you are out of luck then mate if you want a decent audio setup your gonna have to spend atleast $90 and since you are on xbox 360 youll need a capture card its that plain and simple
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