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Time for some Seiko
So for parts of the day early this morning using-used this to keep track of and measure "time", not a watch, not a clock, but related sort of an evolution of a chronometer in purest sense of the word aka metronome, I'm actually working to build a collection of various of these , this was my 2nd one, Seiko JDM (I imported direct from Japan ) SPM 320 mechanical metronome, these are what manual wind watches are to the wrist and pocket watch world. They would be considered 'mid tier' but the are the entry into pure mechanical for Seiko current offerings re

These have some cool features even at this sort of entry-ish level base model [I'm saving For a premium hard wood pyramid model next], has a bell inside and allows me to turn on and off and choose on which click , 1 thru 6, it rings, allowing me to study score rhythms and practice at different ultra slow tempo or just keep track of the dang beat in tricky areas.
The little little rod with a counter weight is like an upside down version of clock hands for pendulum yi u see on grandfather clocks, as I move the weight down, the pendulum swings faster and instead of a dial with hours minutes seconds, i have how many clicks per minute or each click is one flu swing from one side to the other, the words correlate with traditional ranges of speed called for in music.

I have a Seiko discontinued bur awesome quartz one too I'll post some time near future ,but wanted to highlight Seiko manufacturing and technical prowess at not just watches but these cool related and ultra handy but not so commonly seen [especially in West for Seiko] instruments.


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I just push a button on my electric piano, and voila!
The way they have the tempo indications right on the metronome is deceptive. It's not at all that cut and dried. Sometimes opinions differ by a factor of two about how fast a particular tempo indication should be, and it varies by period, genre of music, and composer. I have a couple of web sites I go to, and I just indicate a broad range based on what they say. Not that I can usually even play stuff up to speed, but it's aspirational.
Agree, totally agree :)