Sep 28, 2016

What's your next addition?

We showed you Brian's battle station in his profile and have a few more from around the office below:

Let us know in the comments below what you are looking to add to your battle station next with a picture of your current setup.

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What do you do for a living?
idk but he's definitely not a gamer lmao
I'm waiting on a new 78" custom reclaimed wood desktop that I've ordered.. should arrive in a few weeks. next piece of tech though, I'd like to get a new set of headphones and a Lyr 2 amplifier.
Ultimate mysetupisbetterthanyours tryhard setup.
those ones up there on showcaser defo need more than opne normal power supply atleast a platinum if not 2 lol.
update of the one beneath this comment.
this is pre sennheisers and white vortex keys but plan on adding a 30 inch map mousepad type thing to protect the paint of my desk from glasses and plates and such. and more cigars in the mail as well as the cat artisan keycap thats on here by waffle.
i constantly post about future upgrades and its like im adding something knew every day or two so hard to keep up haha got he mouse pad with coasters and some candle sticks on top of the desk as well as a full set of encyclopedias on top too ill update with a photo later today
B.Hutch what model are those LG moniters?
I want a side 4:3 monitor the same height as my primary one which currently is an Acer XB240H but i will replace it with a 24" 1440p Gsync monitor.
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Dude you got in wall speakers bro
Current status
If only these mounts didn't cost an arm+leg simply because "gas piston" armature.

Ergotech is the prime exploitee in that regard, quality be damned it's 2017 and they're selling arms from 2010 at retail...their drops aren't that much better ($60 off of $299...I hope a chinese company rips their designs and sells them at 1/10th the price)
My next addition is upgrading my 3 720p 60hz monitors to an Asus Predator X35. Will post pics of how everything looks when I get home.. which is in like 2 months
I plan on mounting a nice mic, replacing the sound blaster z mic I already have.
Wait is this manga berzerk?

Lol nah, but I did read berzerk.
I like the 6 monitor set up. I have 3 monitors:2 standard 1 touchscreen. How did you set up the 6 monitors and cables? All 6 connected to 1 desktop?