Nov 3, 20175313 views
Working from home on a beautiful Friday. Perfect weather outside, going to try to wrap up work early and enjoy some global warming on this November day. Wearing the 40mm Invicta 8926OB diver on a Blushark Rayburn strap. While I love the quality of these Blushark straps, one word of caution if you're buying one of their straps with red - it's definitely more of an orange.

I originally bought this strap to pair with my Victorinox and its red second hand, but this orangy red didn't go. But it gives the Invicta some nice color pop.
kpjimmy, FJR-Duben, and 7 others

Lookin' very "spiffy" as they used to say here & in London town.
I like that color scheme. The orange really pops.
cool colors on the strap, very 'gucci'ish :-)