Nov 6, 20174550 views
My first new Swatch in twenty five years, a plastic case, 41mm quartz SUOB724 "Yokorace" (it's the big one). This watch can draw direct spiritual heritage to the 34mm GJ700e "Yamaha Racer" from 1985, yet mimics the simplicity I enjoy to much from the GB709 "Classic Two" of 1987. Having several vintage Swatch in my care, I really wanted to revisit the original classic line at some point (sorry, no SKIN, IRONY, or S51), and this one really stood out, even though it is of course larger. It fits in very well to the family however

Cheers friends
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😊Love the Swatches 👍
Slap a NATO on that and it'd be great.
In fact, a stainless steel bracelet would also be nice.