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If I were a rich man (or win the lotto) :)

Les Cabinotiers Celestia Astronomical Grand Complication 3600: ref. 9720C/00G-B281, with Geneva Hallmark. Movement, caliber 3600, hand wound, 36mm x 8.7mm, three week power reserve from six mainspring barrels. 18k white gold case, 45mm x 13.6mm, 3 bar water resistance. Slate dial with 18k gold hour markers. $1 million.
Vincent.H, Lennart_K, and 8 others

What, no Halley's comet predicter?
That thing is a wearable Antikythera.
With exhibition backs so common now I think movements should take them into consideration. For example, power reserve indicators might best be on a watch's backside, to keep compulsives from looking at it every 10 seconds.
Wow! Amazing work of art, design and mechanical marvel. Thanks for sharing this gem.
I am a fan of VC just as much as any fine time piece.... however.... with that much crap happening on one dial (NM the back), it WOULD NEED TO have six mainsprings twist'n! I truly do enjoy horological works of art though (more than skittles even)