Nov 18, 20174278 views
Grand Seiko diver for my son's First Lego League tournament. Coaching his team has taken the bulk of my free time this fall. Wouldn't miss doing this with my son for anything though.

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Awesome watch, and you sound like an amazing father.
Do any of your kids share similar hobbies compared to yours, besides Legos and robots?
Fishing is their outdoor passion right now. I introduced fly fishing to my middle son this spring and he loves it. My youngest has moved up to an open spool spinning reel on his rig and thinks he's cool. Once the youngest is strong enough he too will be introduced to fly fishing. If you guys are interested in fly fishing, Orvis, assuming you have an Orvis store near you, has great beginner classes for free. And they give awesome coupons after the class for fly rods and such.
One of the nicest Seikos I've ever seen..Grand for sure.
Lego League? As someone who grew up with the bricks and still has several sets kicking around I'd love ot hear more if you're willing to elaborate. This sounds awesome.
Lovely Grand Seiko.
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That's awesome, particularly for your kids! Thanks for sharing.
I was just volunteering at a Lego League regional the other day (as I do every year), it's definitely a great program for the kids!