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A Glorious Standing Stop!

I was just spinning my Vorso Mk1(stainless steel bearing) and it came to a complete stop without falling. It's insane how well balanced these things are. What a marvel!
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Hard to imagine getting that excited by a top. Wondering if this is one of those things boys leave behind once they've discovered girls--or a least puberty?
YEAH TOTALLY! I haven't stopped spinning them yet because I'm a pre-pubescent shrimp and I've never had a girlfriend, but I'll let you know once I develop and mature!
Hoping I live half that long!
And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how Inception really ended.
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So you were dreaming during a movie about dreams within dreams? You've out-Inceptioned all of us.
Daisy_Cutter that you mention it--maybe I was dreaming!
I've only heard of this working with the stainless steel bearings as they can develop flat spots(too small for the eye to see). I have some ruby bearings and lots of tungsten bearings and have never had this happen. Pretty rad though
There are no imperfections guys, I'm just that good at spinning . . .
Both of mine do this and I posted a video to u-tube of it spinning to a standing stop. Many others have as well.
Doesn't this mean you're still in the dream?
The dream thing only works with a foreverspin top.😵
I've seen it done before and I really want my top to do that.. one morning I walked by the table my top was on and I heard it fall over but I don't remember spinning it that morning. However i do remember spinning before i fell asleel.. But, I didn't catch it.. I couldn't take a picture. Recently, all it does is fall over with very little to no spin so I think it's getting there...
Does this top have a wobble at all? My lambda top has a stainless steel ("SS") bearing, and the maker said the coming to a complete stop standing on the bearing (which my lambda does) could be due to a microscopic flat spot since SS is typically softer than ceramic or tungsten carbide bearings.
I don't get it. What is fascinating about tops?
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It's funny. I had the same confusion about flashlights. I mean, they are friggin flashlights, for pete's sake. Now, I am hooked on flashlights. Have gotten more than I care to admit, but the all copper drop with crazy lumens got me hooked. I am now waiting for damn near deliveries a couple times a week. Some from here, some from Amazon, Banggood....on and on. lol
This is how I feel about keyboards. Didn't get it at first, now I'm addicted.
I've never seen anything like this. Is there an imperfection on the spin station? A magnet nearby? The spring equinox is still months away...
Ha! Yes, this can be indicative of a worn bearing or pitted spin surface. My BilletSPIN Infinity has started to stop standing quite often now on my cheap make-up mirror.
Love BilletSpin. Love the infinity. Rich does such good work.