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Q&Q SmileSolar series 001. I think this is Citizen's version of the Swatch Watch. Sealed resin case and Solar powered Miyota movement.

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A guest wrist check from my wife! She requested the caption desk diver.
I found this old auto on ebay and decided it needed to come stay with us. Cleaned it up, replaced the strap, and fixed a slight problem with the rotor. She loves it.

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Does anyone know the history of the "Orano" watch brand. The watch says Swiss Made and the movement is pretty nice looking, but I can't really find too much information about the brand.
Orano Montres s.A. is one of those Swiss brands that made nice watches, but was likely a victim to the Quartz Crisis of the 1970's. They were manufactured in Langnau Bienne, Switzerland, starting somewhere in the late 1930's and seemed to run up until the 1970's, which is what leads me to believe they just fell to the economic quartz crisis.
The movement, which for their day were quite nice, is very likely a Felsa, which as you pointed out, are quite well known for the decoration, detail and finish. Felday eventually merged with the Swiss consortium Ebauches s.A., which for all intents eventually became itself modern day ETA.
Nice find and cheers!
Thank you! It's interesting that the quartz crisis is also called the quartz revolution. It certainly led to wristwatches being more accessible.
Guest wrist check - I love it.