May 13, 2016

[On-Going] Show & Tell: Your Current Clacker...the keyboard (and drink) picture thread

This post has been stickied. Post the keyboard you are playing with and what you are drinking!

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Low Profile Iris with Jade switches, green backlight and aluminum case. Travel edition. Black coffee.

Cross-posting from Geekhack. Noxary X60 round 1 with GMK Honeywell and lubed Cherry MX Blacks. Was drinking plain tea brewed in a MUJI teapot.
One of the sets I got from the Keycap Re-Cap. I’m drinking my coffee while I type on this new set. I’m totally digging the vintage font on this set.

It feels like a spring theme on this Filco tkl. You’ve got the khakis and the pastels. Now all I need is my Cadbury chocolate cream filled egg. Can’t believe Easter is just around the corner.

@MiTo this is one has become one of my faves next to the upcoming “Laser.”

awesome mix!
Sold the K-Type and replaced it with a much cheaper hot swappable TKL that still covers all my needs, the GMMK
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Honestly I wish I knew exactly what I did to get it to work. Took me like 100 try's + to get it work. The way I wanted. I think the software is buggy cause a lot of the times it would just screw up the lighting causing it to flash and do strange things. There also some bugs with the LED's. Sadly I am not 100% sure but I think the K-Type might be abandoned by input club as the last firmware release was in December.. and they pretty much ignore there forms. Also looks like they have moved on to other projects sooo =/.. yea best advice I can give is just play around with the lighting.. Hope that it works and doesn't bug.
That looks.....

Exactly like the Parrot in your PP.
Finally got the right keycaps for my g710+. My entire setup (including the computer) was got on sale or at a very discounted price.

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Ramen & beer. Reminds me of college
Oh i know what you mean oh too well.
Just got my beam spring up and running.

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i am somhow turned on by this.
You wouldn't be the first person to say that lol. I think it has something to do with the wedge shape and solenoid sound. I will say the switches are amazingly refined and balanced. They out perform all other switches I've tried by a fair margin, especially when you are typing words that require the weaker pinky and ring fingers to roll/tap tightly and in succession.
Super dry snow day.
Good beer any day!
Here in UK-land, nothing beats a good cup of rosy. Sorry for pic quality - I believe you kids call it a potato...

Unicomp brought back from the dead after re-jigging ribbon connectors and pcb thanks to shocking build quality.
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Thank you Vin. It seems to be holding up so far :)
The pics here are all gorgeous and I'm insanely jealous of all of them!
Hoping to build up my own collection soon, waiting for the T0mb3ry SA Carbon and Oblotzky SA drops later this year. I'm a sucker for SA's.
Hopefully I can match some of the customs here.
I also got the recent Matt3o /dev/tty MT3 caps drop but haven't found the right board. I need a UK layout so choice is limiting. Prolly decide on Filco MT2 as its the only TKL, though I'd really like something like WhiteFox form factor and more exotic switches.
The waiting is hard.
You have a terrific weekend too!
Of course I'm jealous of them, and I'm jealous of you, too!!
As a humble keyboard enthusiast, I like to see everyone else's keyboards regardless of quality of pics,
especially some pics I can feel their passion, their affections, their dream about their keyboards.
I think that's enough explanation why I like your pic. Sharing pics is not easy, always thankful, and thank you.
I understand it's hard to get some keycaps if your keyboard doesn't have a ANSI 104 layout,
I'm still waiting for suitable keycaps for my planck, current my main driver.
The waiting is hard, but I hope you enjoy your journey with your keyboards.
Some coffee and my heavily used rat-pok3r
My work Tada68 with a bottle of Chinese water... that "expired" early 2017. Mmm.
What caps are those? I like the mods.
DSA profile caps from China. The alphas are from the penumbra style set and the mods are from the dolch set.