May 13, 2016

[On-Going] Show & Tell: Keyboard & Drink

Post the keyboard you are playing with and what you are drinking!

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A few things came in the mail when I was out of town for work. Early Christmas :) Currently using a dasKeyboard with the Tai-Hao Aquatic keycaps. I just got my dex keycaps (new) and I put them on my arrow keys. They feel great. I've also got a keypad with a mix of Nautilus and OEM . I also just got the laser inspired desk mat (also new).

I like the feel of the dasKeyboard, but its really too big. I've got a 66 on order and between that and my keypad to left, I won't have a long travel between my trackpad and my keyboard.

Once the laser keycaps come in, I'll switch to that.

Oh and I'm drinking a fresh cup of Tres Pontas Medium Roast in a yeti mug.

Here's my new build
* Tada68, with my own layout, here:
* Switches are Zealio purple r10 67g
* PBT Cherry profile keycaps from TaoBao, but KBDFans Aliexpress store also has it
* Wooden wrist rest is walnut
* Wooden case is made by /u/lxkhn, also from walnut.
* Cable is DIY, cost me $1.5, here's the details:
* Mouse is Logitech g402
* Headphones are AKG Y50
* Wallet is Secrid Slimwallet
My newly arrived WhiteFox Vera!
No drinks since I just happily unboxed.
Calypso Strawberry Lemonade paired with a new MechEagle RGB Z-88 ( $25 :O ), sporting good ol' Granite DSA + others. Boasting the latest in Outemu OEM semi-box blue clickies. Wobbly stems and a bit high pitch, but functions flawlessly otherwise and boy am I glad to have some clack back again.

Also, fooling around with silly Lego cases for my VA12M lol.

Now I just need them sweet, sweet GMK Laser caps....

And HuB Joker?!?!?!?!?

And HuB Joker.
Ahhh, I can't wait for HuB! I'm really hoping it gets funded.
There is a Mighty Need for them to be funded.

We'd be crazy as a community not to support $50 doubleshot ABS caps sets, rivaling GMK sized base kits compatibility.
Maxkey SA Berserk and a side of Unit 02

Matrix Lab Mona TKL in Military Green with Gateron Milky Blacks and 55gr springs.

Keyset shown: Max Keys' SA Lime.

SA 1965 key caps on a WASD v2 with cherry mix green switches.
Grimfrost mead... sadly I need more.
Figured I'd throw my boring submission into the mix. Niz/Plum 84ec-s along with both a water and a diet pepsi off screen.
It's too quiet in here. Mug of coffee off to stage left. Contra ortholinear keyboard with RGB strip and 6mm cork bottom with a dash of XDA Canvas Planck edition.

nice build, looking forward to receive my contra. Do you use a pin on the pro micro to control the underglow?
I did,
HHKB and Coffee
JD40 mkii, 78g zilents, and JTK Toxic.
Low Profile Iris with Jade switches, green backlight and aluminum case. Travel edition. Black coffee.

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You can just ask They designed the new Iris, it's a special low profile edition PCB. It needs the new Kailh LP switches, which can be ordered from
Yes thank you, I just contacted them and a ticket has been added. Hopefully they'll restock!

Why did you have to post that picture???? Now I'm so sick for this kb! *cries*