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How do you travel with your gear?

So this is something I've always wondered when going to various meetups. I usually travel light: iPhone, macbook air, fostex th-xoo, and a pair of AAW CIEMs. This allows me to get around easily and I don't have the biggest, coolest gear anyways. :( There are those people, I've seen you, that bring awesome gear to shows and you know how big / heavy audio gear can get. So my question to everyone is:
How do you pack all this up and ensure it gets to and from its' destination safe and sound?

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I've been keeping it simple lately; XDuoo X3 and one iem tucked into the Brainwavz Jive case. A tidy, very mobile little package.
I always an hhkb with me!
For air travel: A TSA-friendly laptop-bag or backpack where you don't have to take out the computer (in the US). If long-haul flight, multiple laptop batteries to last the flight duration. A bunch of movies saved on SDCards. My mobile phone; rapid charger and Anker battery-pack. Bose QC-20 for noise-cancellation during the flight. First Harmonic IEMB6 (MassDrop) for other times. Since my new phone doesn't have expandable storage, I just bought a XDuoo X3 DAP (MassDrop) to have my music with me.
I travel with my phone,laptop,power bank for extra juice if i need and my Superlux headphones and maybe some in ears
well if im going anywhere for a few days i will take a tupperware tub of things in the backpack but the key items, well they will be in my pocket because ill be using them as i travel.
My travel gear is ibasso dx 80, mojo, ue900 and nap hp 50 for the inflight movies. All can fit into backpack with MacBook 13in
I pick my stuff as much as the space in my travel bag allows me. Macbook air 13", iPad mini 4, Apogee One for iPad, M-Audio Keystation32 mini, Audio Technica m50x, Shure SE846
Haha, well, I started the regional meets as well but not at my home, so have to travel with gear as well. What I use is either little cases from case logic - for traveling with essentials like 1 DAP, 1 in-ear. or 1 DAP/Amp stack, 1 in-ear. Or if I have to carry more than that, I like to get Pelican-, SKB- or Nanuk-cases, then customize the foam insert to suit my needs.

Here are a few examples:

Wow thats cool Koolpep! :)
Awesome and thanks for the detailed pics! Custom Pelicans FTW
I have a ton of cases from NarMoo which can comfortably accommodate 4-6 earphones each, or 2-3 earphones plus an amp. Perfect for traveling.

Armaegis I keep every box (if they're not damaged upon first open). They're stored in a standard large U-HAUL box. It's a little absurd, but eventually I hope to have the room to display the nice ones.
I've never been to a meet. But, my daily travel gear has to be minimal and not include my expensive gear 90% of the time. If I break something, it's usually when I'm out with my gear. I travel with my iPhone and use to only use in ears with iOS remote. Since acquiring the Apple Watch, I don't need the remote anymore. Anyway, I find the iPhone to have great sound on its own so there's no need for a dac. A good sounding earphone is all I need for daily duties.
I love buds with a remote too (walking around SF it's really useful). Never thought of using the apple watch for that, great idea!
I have big metal briefcases stuff with pick and pluck foam that I have shaped to my fave open and closed back headphones, the HD800 and ZMF Blackwood respectively!
My solution is to be the one hosting the meets!

But really, if I don't have the original boxes that things came in, then plastic egg crates and plenty of towels is how I move things around.
hahaha hosting is the perfect solution!
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