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Back on the wrist after years of absence is my Victorinox 24131 quartz chronograph. I bought this from a TJ Maxx sometime in the late 1990s or early 2000s, when VSA was still using only the Swiss Army branding on the dial. What I love about this watch is the absence of a discernable bezel or lugs. The entire watch flows seamlessly visually around my wrist. The block of stainless has a very satisfying weight to it and it may be the most comfortable watch I've ever worn, as it wraps perfectly around my wrist.

What I hate about this watch is the reason it has been off the wrist for so long. The strap is custom and only the strap made for this watch will fit it. Worse, the synthetic rubber will crack over time and need to be replaced, which is what happened to mine. Finding a replacement strap is not easy. I tracked one down and it was delivered yesterday.


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Nice solid looking time piece. The band/body transition is very clean. I like that. Buy a band and hematicly seal it. Don't scratch the bezel!
Regardless of the strap problems, that is an awesome looking watch!
Hate it when a manufacturer tries out a new strap system, nice watch though
That's one reason I would never buy an Oris Aquis or any watch that requires a special strap that could be difficult to replace. This strap even uses pipes and pins rather than a spring bar to secure the strap to the watch. When this strap eventual fails, I likely won't be able to find a replacement.
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