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Swatch Sistem51 Blue
Keeping it casual and warm today. Had a chance to browse a big Swatch store the other week on the Vegas strip, and I came close to finding the navy dial on a stainless combo I wanted, but the dial was a little too busy for me. Wanted something a little more understated. It had an astrolabe/Free Mason sort of design to it.


The Sistem Arrow also grabbed my attention but I avoided the impulse purchase.


Cool seeing what they've done with this line, and being in a large scale Swatch store. Seems like they used to be in every airport and train station when I was traveling and they are few and far between these days.
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Agree, that's a bit too busy but it looks pretty cool. Swatches are fun.
For those interested - a lot of people on the forums report these watches no longer working properly after 18 or so months. All of the functions on mine are working and I've had it just about since release when I received it as a gift.
I have noticed that while it is working, it doesn't keep great time. It loses about 6-7 minutes a day.
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I was thinking about the value proposition of the movement, and agree with you - Seiko, Orient and some others are using much better auto movements if that is your main criteria for a watch. You can also have them serviced and open the case back.
Thanks S O and V B for all the good info. I was impressed with the 51 moving parts and 20 year life before servicing but after reading all these comments I'll hold off and let the watch kitty grow for something else... (-;
Why "Swiss," not "Swiss Made"? If it's because they don't qualify under the 60 percent Swiss value rule, it's pretty shocking that a company as major and supposedly legitimate as Swatch is using deceptive labeling. Most people wouldn't know Swiss Made from Swiss.
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Swiss/Swiss Made are the same. Swatch does it for aesthetics really more than anything, or maybe that the S51 are not made by Swiss people, but Swiss Machines? 😬
Um..... amen!
You must have went to the store at New York New York Hotel Casino..... that is a massive store! I prefer the more intimate and personal store at the Fashion Show though, as it’s staffed by guys and girls that are fellow WIS.
how did you like Vegas?
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So did I Benz.... Did a double take..... Probably didn't help I was watching Chappelle skits though also..... "Dangerously Cool"...... Yep.
I guess out makes sense that these watches exist. High rollers can afford them and need something to spend their money on. I'm surprised that we haven't dug up special watch designs to use as gifts for strippers, hookers, and casino waitresses. But that demographic probably prefers normal, brand-name models that are easy to hock.
Very nice, also really liked that Arrow! What movement is inside?
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I was under the impression they had gotten away from the ETA and developed the Sistem in house?
Swatch is not very likely to say, or will be vague at best. Ever since it’s release though, Every Sistem51 has had the ETA logo and the caliber number C10111 stamped on the baseplate. Swatch would likely say something like “Swatch Group IS ETA, and ETA is Swatch Group”, or something of the like.
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