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Over-Ear Headphones between $150 - $80

Hi all, low(ish) end audiophile here. I'm looked for headphones with a sound signature very similar to sennheisers (I've owned three different models and loved them to death) My current in-ears are on their last legs now and I don't have a replacement. I would really prefer over-ears but really durable and good sounding in-ears are fine too. Durable being the key word because I tend to fell asleep with them in and I'm astounded my current ones have survived for.. over 1 and a half years now. A little beside the point there, but yeah, in ears if they are great sounding and super durable for this price point.
Over ears are preferable though. I've been avidly waiting for the momentum over ears (first gen) to get to ~$175 which I've seen them at once before, which is my on my upper limit I'm willing to pay. But their price is over $350 still ( I'm Canadian) which is absolute bull .. american amazon has em for $170 new ($220 cad).
But who knows when the Canadian version will get a drastic price cut and who knows when my in-ears will ultimately meet their end.

Also, I heard from a fellow sennheiser user that the ATH-m50s are really overhyped and don't sound that great compared to his 558s (in all frequency ranges not just the slightly boosted sennheiser bass).
Thanks all
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Try looking at fostex tr70 80 90 series, many say 90 is king in that lineup and they can be had for 90$ American so right in the budget.
Get the Beyerdynamics dt770 pro
EMU Purplehearts 100% https://www.massdrop.com/buy/massdrop-x-e-mu-purpleheart

Not sure how long they will be in stock, but I REALLY enjoy mine! Sound is quite balanced and reminiscent of the Sennhesier warmth. I find them to be sufficiently durable as well.

They are very easy to amp and quite comfy. More spacious than I expected as well.
Sennheiser hd598 or hd598 se.
The Sennheiser HD 4.30s should be right in your wheel house. Or if you can find the 4.40s under your budget then you get the added benefit of wireless.
I'd take a look at Koss KSC-75 and hold on to it until Black Friday and get 598 (usually goes for $99).
hey, I am in Canada too and know your pain. I would recommend m40x if you are looking for portability as part of the package.
Or hd598 if you are looking for more of a home use
for a reasonably durable iem, I would recommend the se215 or re 400 (if you are looking for more a minimalistic look). both of them are durable and sound good for the price point around 100 to 120 cdn but can be found for cheaper on sale. Let me know if you want to discuss more, I can share best places to purchase products etc. hope this helped
I like Sony MDR-7506 for ~100 pair of overears
I think I got mine at $79 on amazon?
Been looking a fair bit at the hifiman he-350s, any word on those?
Phillips SHP9500s.
Status Audio SM-CB-1
AUDIO Technica M40x (needs pads, so see above for cheaper version that needs nothing)

i would seriously recommend the koss ksc75s with my advanced version of the kramer mod. $20US, ugly as heck but I find them more pleasing than HD650s. Maybe I am crazy; the only headphones i have right now are the koss and fostex ebonies. i sold my hd650s.
If durability and comfort is your #1 concern, go with Shure in ears or Sennheiser over ears. They do not come cheap though..
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I saw that, I actually switched to the pinnacles px and never went for a Bluetooth cable
got ya! very cool. i still use the shures as my bleetooth setup. My portable, non-working out, setup will be a usb-c to 2 pin iem cable coming and will be hooking that cable up to massdrop plus iems.
Status audio , either ob-1 or cb-1
I've heard amazing things about the CB-1s or the OB-1s by Status Audio. If I didn't have my current headphones I would have already gotten a pair!
v-Moda Crossfade LP2, best bang for buck headphone with a more bassy sound signature would recommend to anyone! $150 free shipping in US customization options that add no additional fee's http://v-moda.com/crossfade-lp2-matte-black-metal/
im Canadian to but there are still cheap listings on amazon that compare to the listings on the american sites around $180-200 but i would still recommend them over other due to the build quality and amazing sound. i fan boy over v-moda for very good reasons