May 13, 2016

Stacks and Snacks

Alright ladies and gentlemen. Time to share your audio stack and accompanying snack. I'll get this party started:

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Philips SHP9500 with an Oreo milkshake
Schiit Joutenheim with a pair of ZMF Eikons and a Diet Crack (damn you delicious chemistry!!!)
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Hurray! They are great.

6XX, PHs, Feliks, O2+ODAC, and Pizza.
Literally thousands of dollars of audio equipment, and the shittiest 30 dollar wireless keyboard Logitech has ever made. (i used one for work until i got a mechanical)

i like it
Th-x00's , a banana and some cereals, can't get better than this.
the good ol' banana for scale!
Damn right man, the cans have changed a bit since then though :)
Dinner and 1 project that i'm currently working on
What design is this? That potentiometer looks crazy.
Amp is a balanced AMB Beta22. Potentiometer is a 24step goldpt. Dual Sigma22's in the back.
Ha, didn't realize the picture was at an angle. Nah I as talking about the earcups on your t50rp mod. You do it yourself? Pretty cool wood work.
lol, do you mean the headphones or the whole picture?
I did my best to take a decent picture and seems that I failed *sigh*
Bruh, wut r u doin? Such geometry, very angle.


I would wish to be able to craft such an artsy .
Bought from an awesome guy from head-fi
The tape is to differentiate them as my personal pair (lots of people around the office bought their own when we dropped them the first round!). It's also gaffers tape so it doesn't damage the finish if I ever want to take it off. :)