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SRPC49K "Darth Turtle"


I didn't think anyone had taken delivery of these yet, and maybe I'd find one in a year or two when someone decided to flip. Thanks to Vincent H (cannot seem to tag him) for pointing out a couple of sellers in the WUS forums. I saw one guy was in Chicago so messaged him and immediately got a response. After some back and forth I met up with him in the evening and came home with the watch for slightly under suggested MSRP. I can say with confidence I'm pretty sure this may be the only one in the United States right now. This one came form an AD in Macau with a stamped warranty card.

My only other experience with Seiko silicon straps is on the SKX line, and the OEM one this came with is worlds better. Much softer and more flexible, and with a sturdier black metal keeper. I had intended a change but I'm going to leave this on as I've got the full range of straps now on my Seiko divers - silicon, bracelet, Nato and leather.
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I like that in black!! Very sharp!
Damn that went from lust to love in record time. You posted a thread about it and within a couple of days it's on your wrist. Congratulations! Not a watch you'll likely see on any other wrist.
Yeah I saw the dark knight yesterday in the local AD, resisted and decided no. Maybe hold out for this instead. What do you think? https://www.seiko-prospex.com/sea/spb071j1
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Thanks guys!
@PetrosD it literally went from me reading about it on Tide and Time at about 11 PM before bed on the 30th to me picking it up about 20 hours later across town. That was a new one for me.
Ahhhh.... adventures in watch collecting!
Happy to see a friend get something they desired so.... Kudos!
You move fast, congratulations!
A sincere and heartfelt thanks to you, @Vincent.H , as I would never have made it happen without you dropping me a link.
Happy to help, glad you're enjoying it!
Dang dude! Congratulations!
Thanks! Getting lots of smiles from it since pick up last night.