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Retr0bright General

Might as well make a thread for it I guess.
Post questions and/or results and anything else about Retr0bright!

What is Retr0bright?
Retr0bright is a Hydrogen Peroxide solution that reverses the yellowing effect UV has on ABS, the twist is it also requires UV light.

How do I make Retr0bright?
You can do it yourself with information here or (if you're lazy like me) you can buy 40 volume creme at your local beauty supply store since all the key ingredients are present in it.

Correctly applying Retr0bright
Once you're done mixing up the Retr0bright you can apply it to the yellowed item (whether or not you're using the 40 volume creme I recommend taking safety precautions and putting on some latex gloves and wearing eye protection), seal the item by either using a ziplock bag or cling wrap to prevent the solution from drying out and put it under UV light (use the sun or a UV lamp if you happen to own one). I recommend checking on it every few hours and rubbing the solution a little through the cling wrap to prevent possible stains and remove airbubbles.
After anywhere between 6-32 hours the bleached item should have returned back to its original state.

A small example with an AEK II, the spacebar used to have the same color as the case, it was under UV light for roughly 8 hours


Dude I thought we are talking about retroblight keysets lol. I already hyped up.
I have an old plastik toolbox that perfectly fits most keyboard cases, filles it 1/3 with hydrogenperoxide and just sink whatever I want to bright in there and apply UV light. No need to apply evenly or worry about drying, just leave it in there till it's as bright as you want it. I use one of these NPKC keycap holders to bright OG Cherry ABS doublehsots in there as well. Please drop them again, I need like ... 10.
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Oh my, well this just changes the whole situation with uneven brightening due to the cream. Thanks!
I can really recommend this tool box as a container for the process. It's deep, has a solid lid with a handle and has a very keyboard-friendly shape. Only one case didn't fit in properly so far.
If you're in Germany, you'll know where to get the famous WORKZONE gear ;)
Thanks for the post!
I had heard you could get results in as little as 2-3hrs, you would have to keep checking it I suppose, as you want to leave it on for as short a time as possible.
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Oh yeah I recommend putting everything through the dishwasher before brighting. Pick a low temperature setting if you're worried. Never had any issues with light/beige items
Yeah, seems like a good idea, I was just assuming that it would work since the first case I bleached was way older and a little bit more worn and only had 1 small spot from not covering it up properly
So this "sun", where do I buy one? Can we get one on drop?
Drop for UV lamps confirmed
Half Life 3 confirmed
I had no idea this could be reversed! Very cool.
One of it's most important uses:
I just realized there's a spot on the front edge that didn't get enough cream and now it's a yellow piece in an almost done retr0bright
That space bar is such a difference. Can't wait to see the case.
Can you redo the process on the spot or the whole board to get a consistent color?
Alright, I got around to take a new picture for the OP as well as these two that basically show my prep and ghetto setup, the case is in the box right now and I'll probably leave it there until tomorrow

Damn. That new pic is much difference. Chemistry, you crazy.
Nice write up drax. Have you noticed any difference in feel between the old and retro plastics?
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Hit us with them! We've some IBM Model Ms sitting here that could use some retr0bright love.
I've never heard of a Model M yellowing before, especially since iMav basically confirmed that they don't really yellow here