Oct 7, 2016

Audiophile Announcement

Hey everyone!
We want to give you a heads-up: Starting October 14, the Pro Audio Community will merge into the Audiophile Community. A significant portion of the Pro Audio Community is made up of audiophiles, and we believe we can better serve both communities if they are together.
So what’s next? We’d love to hear from everybody about their favorite audiophile and pro audio products—especially if you have insights that are not already in the polls. Please use this thread as a way to discuss what you’d like to see next!

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Beyerdynamic T1
Beyerdynamic T70
Abacus C-Box 3, PSI 21, please
Sennheiser X Massdrop Amperiors. Please.
Pleease get the Audioengine A2+ drop back
Bring the bongs, pipes, and grinders back!!!!
I would like to see the drop of HD6XX or ATH M50X
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Man i too would love an ATH--M50X drop as well
M50X is crap
As a lifelong spoiled studio musician, I got very indulgently used to wearing whatever set of highend cans. Now at home, I can't find an closed back over ear headphones that don't boost the bass, or feel like vise-grips after a couple of hou session. Any suggestions? You guys are great.
What's your budget? Do you already have a DAC/Amp? Lots of options, but what you might want will depend on what you're interested in spending. :)
I have MrSpeakers EtherFlow C. Expensive. Light and comfortable on the head. VERY responsive to a small amount of EQ. I run my DAC volume at 90% - 100% for full detail and use analog controls to manage the volume. Most closed back over ear headphones fatigue me after an hour. This the first that I can listen 6 to 8 hours without fatigue. Although the EtherFlow C are low impedance, a better amp will improve detail of the sound.
I think it is a nice decision.
Next? HD6xx drops again.
I think with the sudden outburst of popularity of the Monolith M1060 planars, a massdrop collab to offer other finishes than wood, further resolving the QC issues and offering better cabling and alternative pads to leather, as the Audeze LCD Vegan pads have become probably the most popular for these, would be a great hit. Especially for all of us who cannot buy in the US, massdrop acting as a bridge to bring us the M1060s to Australia, Europe and Asia would be a grand market, still untapped.
I miss the instruments.
I think this makes sense. There is often a lot of overlap already.
People are too focused on the idea that "pro" is somehow elitist. They aren't recognizing the fundamental difference between kit designed for listening to music and that which is designed for creating it. "Pro" doesn't mean that a certain kind of gear is more serious. It means that that gear is designed for tracking and/or composing. If MD members would prefer a more hierarchy-negating term like Music-Makers or Musical Instruments, that's fine. But audiophile is a specific term for high-end audio for the prosumer. It doesn't include instruments and equipment used for making music because that's an entirely different user-case scenario.

The Grace DAC is an example of a pro audio-designed DAC/amp that found an audiophile market because it performs a function that *works* for audiophiles. Studio monitors also can work in the audiophile section. Sadly, there is no such place for a music keyboard, guitar, electronic drum set, effects pedal or microphone. That kind of equipment is in a separate category and should remain so, with studio monitors and amp/DACs appearing under *both* categories.

Again, if you want to bypass people's preconceptions of a so-called elitist distinction by using words like Musical Instruments or Music Production, please do. Pro Audio shouldn't be an issue, since it's the correct industry term, but if it is, then the change is fine as long as things like keyboards and guitars have their own place.

If you absolutely must group everything audio related under a single category, then the first poster's Audio suggestion makes a lot more sense than Audiophile.
Hey, show of hands here... who here has seen an audiophile/Hi-Fi store selling the items below?
- USB-MIDI adapter cable
- mic preamps
- phantom power supplies
- DAWs
- rack effects
- mic stands
- MIDI controllers
- foot switches for guitar amplifiers

Now, show of hands again... who here has seen a music store that sells the following?
- studio monitor speakers
- studio monitor headphones
- reference-class open back headphones
- audio interfaces (that automatically double as 24-bit/192kHz DAC/amp units)

...I rest my case.
It seems the main reason for this merge is because there are so few pro audio drops. I would like to see more drops of recording and pro audio gear regardless of what the community is named. More microphones, audio interfaces, preamps, and studio monitors would be great for me personally.
I'll get right on that then. Did you have anything specific in mind?
Well let me just pull out my Christmas list.....

Im looking at getting either a pair of JBL LSR305's or Yamaha HS5's, and the matching sub. I know both were dropped recently though (thats actually the reason I joined Massdrop).

A lot of people want ATH-M50X headphones, and I'm looking to get a wide variety of their mics. I think it would be cool to see some bundles from them. Maybe an M50X+AT2020/4033/4040/4050/4060 mic. Or a drop from Shure of a few sm57's, a beta 52, and one or two sm7b's. That would be great for me personally.

It would be really awesome to see some high end studio compressors/eq units/mic preamps/ word clocks and other things specific to recording music. I love to run bass tracks through a Joe Meek tube compressor, but alas I don't own one and don't have free access to one any more...........

Studio foam and bass traps are really important and completely underrated. Saw some on here recently which is really great, keep that going.

If Massdrop could get a drop on some Neumann mics there would be many happy people and much rejoicing. Or maybe some audio software? Protools, Logic, Reason, Ableton, ect.....or plugins for said software.

Even some general drops/bundles from gear in the "hobbyist" price range would be cooL. Or some of the studio essentials that everyone needs. But these things are affordable on their own, so I wouldn't prioritize it.

That's just my wish list, I'm sure there's other people with different lists just as long.