Oct 7, 2016

Audiophile Announcement

Hey everyone!
We want to give you a heads-up: Starting October 14, the Pro Audio Community will merge into the Audiophile Community. A significant portion of the Pro Audio Community is made up of audiophiles, and we believe we can better serve both communities if they are together.
So what’s next? We’d love to hear from everybody about their favorite audiophile and pro audio products—especially if you have insights that are not already in the polls. Please use this thread as a way to discuss what you’d like to see next!

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Focal Utopia @$2000 :-)
I'd like to see more Elac, Focal, McIntosh, and CD players/transports on the site please.
Jotunheim--one more time!
Benchmark would be great but I probably can't afford them...
I am looking for a good headphone and passive speaker amp setup for my computer.
I am intrigued by a couple of Emotiva products. First the TA-100 stereo preamp/DAC/tuner with an integrated amplifier. It has enough power to drive my near-field studio monitors and any headphones I may want to add. The DAC is pretty good, so it can free up my other ones, plus with two pairs of analog inputs I could come out of my PC sound card as well and still have another plug in if I want to check a iPad mix. (if if had a AM tuner it would be perferct.)
Second, the Emotiva BasX A-100 has MORE power available for the headphones, about the same for the speakers, for a lower price, but dropping the tuner/preamp and the DAC. This would work for me, it just would not be as clean of a setup...
One more item, they are both high-current short signal path Class A/B amplifiers for those who prefer not to go with class D amps...

How does one go about claiming on a Massdrop warranty??

Thanks in advance.
Cavalli Liquid Crimson pretty please!
Sennheiser Hd 800s as the hd 8xx...it will probably be another mass disaster !!!
Benchmark Dac3 HGC
Benchmark Dac2 HGC

Allow people to listen and get their mix on
Beyerdynamic T1
Beyerdynamic T70
Abacus C-Box 3, PSI 21, please
Sennheiser X Massdrop Amperiors. Please.
Pleease get the Audioengine A2+ drop back
Bring the bongs, pipes, and grinders back!!!!
I would like to see the drop of HD6XX or ATH M50X
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Man i too would love an ATH--M50X drop as well
M50X is crap
As a lifelong spoiled studio musician, I got very indulgently used to wearing whatever set of highend cans. Now at home, I can't find an closed back over ear headphones that don't boost the bass, or feel like vise-grips after a couple of hou session. Any suggestions? You guys are great.
What's your budget? Do you already have a DAC/Amp? Lots of options, but what you might want will depend on what you're interested in spending. :)
I have MrSpeakers EtherFlow C. Expensive. Light and comfortable on the head. VERY responsive to a small amount of EQ. I run my DAC volume at 90% - 100% for full detail and use analog controls to manage the volume. Most closed back over ear headphones fatigue me after an hour. This the first that I can listen 6 to 8 hours without fatigue. Although the EtherFlow C are low impedance, a better amp will improve detail of the sound.