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Looking for a decent TKL board.

Hey, I'm fairly new to mechanical keyboards, my only experience with them is this Corsair k70 my brother used to use. I'm looking for a TKL board with Cherry MX Blues, but I'm completely lost, I don't know any good brands. All I know is that I want it to have those switches, and be black with no backlighting. Can anyone give me some suggestions? Thanks.

There are several noteworthy brands out there, of which can be had at reasonable prices if you check around. Duckky, Deck, or Filco come to mind, as they always have a lot of Cherry keyswitch options.
Thankfully tenkeyless types can usually be found for cheaper than full 104U keyboards.
I have been happy with my CM Storm Quick Fire Stealth with browns, I'm guessing blues would be fine as well. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/4330
When I upgraded from my razer chroma *sigh* I originally was looking for a TKL, I eventually landed on a Pok3r (60%) extremely pleased with it. might just be me though
yeah, I was looking at that one too. can't decide if I really need the F keys etc.
Still has Fkeys, they're just under a funtion layer
Das keyboards are great, but pricey. I'm pretty happy with my Rosewill too, but I got reds instead of blues and I don't like them as much.
Got a Ducky One TKL recently and am loving it. Definitely check it out.
The Code Keyboard drop is ending soon ... that's an excellent keyboard.
Can confirm, WASD Code is brilliant. It's simple and elegant, without any of the gaudy branding and design from some of the gaming boards out there.
Don't miss this nifty board > https://www.massdrop.com/buy/25139
i'm rocking on filco majestouch 2 tkl right now and i can say to you it's a solid keyboard and i love it and if you can get your hands on it i'd say go on. But other than filco there are Leopold fc750r, KUL ES87, and Ducky have a lot of models you can choose. I heard good reviews on 3 brands i've said. And you might want to consider about your keyboard layout because most likely you'd be ended up getting some custom keycaps in the future. All keyboards i said above have standart layout (CMIIW) meaning you won't be getting trouble if you want to change your keycaps, Corsair keyboards have uncommon space bar size (again, CMIIW) so if you have corsair keyboard and buy a custom keycaps you'd probably ended up using standart corsair space bar, not that it's wrong but i think it's not good. You can look up for reviews on geekhack.
Filco's awesome, probably the best. Using TKL blues myself.
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I watched teardowns of both, they are essentially exactly the same board (including circuit board) - it might be possible that the Filco boards binned out higher, but I'm guessing it's mainly a few cost-cutting measures on CM's part and Filco asking a boutique price.
Build quality and source. While there are tons of options out there these days for mechanical keyboards, there are obvious cuts to be made by certain brands (such as CoolerMaster) in order to lower their bottom line. It might not be obvious on the surface, but there can still be failures and other issues with the materials used in its construction. Filco is one of those older brands who built keyboards to last, with a tried and true QC process.
Also, I believe they are Japan-based, which accounts for some cost in import/ship rate.
WASD, KUL ES 87, or a Filco are top notch boards that should all have models to fir your needs. All very classy and professional boards.
CM Storm QuickFire Rapid is a solid TKL for the price. Filco is good too if you can spend a bit more.