Mar 23, 20184656 views
Ok it's TGIF today ;-)

I Started the day with my Orient Ray II in blue, which is a good start of any day...

But around 1pm my Limited Edition Seiko Recraft "Ufo" SRPC13K1 arrived. I am in love with this retro design. Limited to 1969 pieces per color-combo. I love this one the most. Paid more than the Massdrop price (those were sold out in half a day) but I do not regret this...

Ps: did I mention yet this watch has a hacking & windable movement?
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I do like that UFO.
That colorway is indeed awesome. Congrats on the new watch!
Cool watch!
I also really like the packaging it came in; looks appropriately sized and a minimal waste of resources.
Yes: and I also like the text they added to the inside of the box. Seiko heritage and all ... Classy!
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