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[Need Help] Looking for a PRETTY , big , quality set of speakers.

Hello again! , thank you so much for all of the suggestions...
Gladly , I've found my pair, gonna take the Mackie CR5BT.

After a long discussion with an Amazon agent who seems to have some idea on audio topics ,I've felt more confident taking these.

Thank you so much for everyone who's been suggesting whatever, I appreciate the time and thought you've put into this.

Hope you'll have a great week.

Guys , any thoughts on Mackie / M-Audio?
Mackie; https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mackie-CR5BT-Monitor-Speakers/dp/B017LVUM2Q/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1476799825&sr=8-1&keywords=Mackie+CR5BT+Monitor+Speakers M-Audio AV42; https://www.amazon.co.uk/M-Audio-Reference-Speakers-Professional-Creation/dp/B00X741TB0/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1476799846&sr=8-2&keywords=M-Audio+AV42 M-Audio BX8 D2 Professional; https://www.amazon.co.uk/M-Audio-BX8-D2-Professional-Production/dp/B005F3H6MC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1476799881&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=M-Audio+BX8+D2+Professional&psc=1
Thanks in advance :3 <3

(omgad I was featured on the newsletter thingy X'D)

So here's a little background story on my problem -

I been really liking edifier for a long while now , never really got a product they sold - until I could!

So I checked between the different Amazon marketplaces , and CO.UK. was the cheapest with fastest delivery option for the lowest rate. aye.
300 Pounds (roughly 350USD i guess, less by now) , got a giftcard and applied it to the account and placed a backorder - and that's the last i've heard of it. Been a month - seems like it won't EVER (i know it'll eventually...) go in stock , but I really don't feel like waiting anymore :/ been a while now...

So the speakers I wanted to get;

The R2000DB by Edifier. Real beauty tbh - supposedly sounding great too! :D

So since I won't get a chance to get them , I need to find another set of speakers - am looking for something PRETTY (important , really. Can't stand a boring boxish speaker , give it a twist of some kind :c) , big (atleast 25cm , up to 35cm tall o-o) , and obviously high quality all around. I'd rather a 2.0 set that can support themselves , so probably bookshelf speakers.

If any of you knows of any models I could look into - please , suggest them.
I'll check them out and hopefully they'll be sold on amazon for a reasonable price and HOPEFULLY shipped internationally.

Thank you so much for reading and thanks in advance if you've contributed in any kind of way ;'D

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vanatoo t0
I’m a separates kinda guy. Considere building (i.e. assembling) your own.
Why is this thread still a thing?
Stop harassing my mailbox.

Bought a set , it's awesome (aside for green tints)
As a loudspeaker designer and prototype builder I have to ask you what is your price range?
The best bookshelf speaker that can be used for home and computer use is the KEF LS50. It can be bought on sale and comes in a powered and passive model. They are sold everywhere.


If I had $350 to spend on speakers I would take a look at the Vanatoo Transparent Zero.
Best bang for the buck is the JBL 305 period,it's no match against krk rp5 or others in this price segment and even a little bit higher.
Honestly, you can't be that picky, nobody should care about the looks if they want the audio, you need to grow up and look past that stuff. If you can, the JBL LSR305's are the best on the market.
You are all a bunch of dumb!@#!'s. I own Magico the best period. If you have to buy on the cheap look at Elac
Excellent answer, however we need more info. if used as a nearfield monitor the Elac could be a problem.
JBL Lsr305 are the best, with the waveguide they are unmatched.
Nobody mentioned Presonus Eris? M Audio BX5 are great as well.
The KRK Rockit 5 are a great set of monitors with a a distinct look


The Audio Engine A5+ are amazing as well as someone said above. I have the A2, the smaller ones, and love them. Beautiful design as well, quality construction.

Skullbunny. I went to give you my opinion except somehow ended up on Volante's reply. Please check out my suggestion underneath his. Thanks RC28

Hey! first of all , thank you so much for the effort into putting that together!

I appreciate it.

I honestly stopped checking for responses... I already purchased set of *speakers*[edit] MONITORSSS (don't hurt me humans) but seems like people still try to suggest 'em and am tired of shutting down people , I bet I also make them feel bad just by ignoring them o_o... but atleast i don't get to feel as bad!

But yeah , I ended up going with the Mackie CR5BT , I believe its the closest to my original pick , the R2000DB , which I actually am GLAD that I cancelled - since Edifier has a shitty customer service (found out the hard way).

But yeah- yeah , also , according to the interwebs , if you put the CR4 vs the M-audio V42 , the Mackie still gets it for clarity and...stuff like that , I guess.

Am not an audiophile or anything - yet I didn't wanna compromise and get a speaker set for $200 that's not really worth the $$$ , so tried to find a good looking high quality set!
I hope I did because it arrives todayyyyyyyy....

hehehe , so excited.

But then again , thank you so much for your suggestion. While it may not be extremely relevant , I guess its something to keep in mind incase Mackie goes sideways :D <3

Hope you'll have a great week! <3

P.S. - Mackie has Bluetooth and is a bit bigger than MA's , so also a + for me.

A bit - was the green touches on it. But i'll get around it with my adorable desk light; http://i.imgur.com/vKxZdv5.jpg

Those thing! inside! they can go wireless for a few hours if not days! , they switch colors and stuff so hopefully it'll distract and somehow blend with the neon'ish green of the Mackie...

Skullbunny you apparently bought the right speakers because you are happy with them. That is the most important part. Good luck with your new speakers.
i may be late but, take a look at jbl speakers as they are known to be quite good. Jbl lsr 305 for around $250 a pair and studio 530 for about 600 a pair
I have M-Audio AV-4 for over 5 years and love them. At under $150 for the pair they are very accurate and have never let me down. I liked them so much when it was time to upgrade my little home studio I still use the AV-40 and now have their M3-6 which are a best buy for their size (built in Class A/B amps @ 160 watts per speaker). I was buying new Klipsch Heresys speakers, until I bought these. BTW, I also use a Polk Audio 10" 50 watt powered sub woofer sometimes to help reinforce the low end.
Hello again! , thank you so much for all of the suggestions...
Gladly , I've found my pair, gonna take the Mackie CR5BT.

After a long discussion with an Amazon agent who seems to have some idea on audio topics ,I've felt more confident taking these.

Thank you so much for everyone who's been suggesting whatever, I appreciate the time and thought you've put into this.

Hope you'll have a great week.
First off, congrats on that awesome Massdrop/screen name, "Skullbunny" (love it)

Since you already got your speakers, this reply is really for anyone else looking for quality powered desktop speakers. If you care about quality music reproduction--try these:

Background: I looked quite awhile for new desktop speakers. The search became depressing as I realized:
A. Many powered desktop speakers (IMO) are downscale/wannabe versions of powered studio monitors. They claim to be "flat" (not that "flat" is good for music listening--it really isn't), but are less than competent, colored, not very enjoyable speakers.
B. Others really ARE powered studio monitors--expensive, truly flat, built like tanks, but no fun to listen to.
C. Few systems seem aimed at music lovers who do their listening on the desktop.

I read many comments about systems that interested me--carefully weeding out those likely to be too bright, a common flaw in desktop audio, a fatal one in my experience, when the speaker is <24" from one's ears.

The Swans fit all my criteria, and then some. I use them with a small sub, and the system sounds very good. I keep the controls flat/centered; have the volume maxed and control it via headphone amp that doubles as a preamp. The Swans are not equal to some of the amazing living-room speakers I've heard, but that's OK. What I need them to do is sound good in nearfield listening & reproduce all genres of music in a truthful, enjoyable manner. That's what they do. Highly recommended. From what I can tell, the price is equal or a little less than the Edifiers.
Since some seem to be suggesting unamplified bookshelf/monitors figured I would suggest the ELAC B5. They are supposed to to be some of the best sounding bookshelfs for the price and are designed by Andrew Jones who has a history of designing speakers that hit above their price point.

While it's too much $ , still gotta love their look!!!