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Affordable Moonphases

I've been dying to get my hands on a moonphase watch. However, they are all just very costly.
I just discovered these moonphase watches from London and they are absolutely beautiful. I emailed them to make sure they show all phases of the moon and the lady ensured me that they did!


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Beautiful watch! Orient has some affordable moon phase watches!
I like the design, but I just can't get over how much HENRY looks like HENRV.
That blue-faced watch is killer!
The cheapest automatic moon phase is from seagull. You can check pontedei sospiri and bella luna from colomer and sons.
Oj, this isn't even vaguely affordable, but epos makes an interesting moonphase, and I've never seen the brand mentioned here before

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Thats a really cool one. I actually thought it was a reflection.

There are also MAEN watches - affordable Moon Phases. They currently have 15% discount with code "EARLYBIRD" + free shipping. So the total price is ~$230.
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do you have a link for the watch?
Nice find. I'd be interested in a massdrop !
What are your thoughts on the seagull m199s? It's a go-to (relatively) inexpensive moonphase.

I prefer the M308S but would be interested in seeing any mechanical/automatic moonphase watches you guys can get on the site!
I would like it if it were not a chronograph. The chrono sub-dials ruin it for me. That movement decoration is first-rate.
There are Swiss Made quartz moon phase timepeces from Claude Bernard (Edox): https://www.amazon.com/Bernard-79010-BIN-Classic-Display/dp/B00NW5F52I
I think for moon phase, automatic is much, much more desirable...
I didn't realize finding an affordable quartz moonphase was so difficult. I'll hold out for an automatic, but good luck!
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I've seen those Christopher Ward ones and love them for their simplicity, but I think it's too steep for me. Massdrop has had the seagull ones in the 200-300 range before that's a lot easier to stomach, even if they're a little too busy for my ideal.
I have a Christopher Ward moonphase and it is indeed a beautiful piece. Also has a smooth sweep second hand. Display case back, movement is caliber JJ04. I chose a blue leather strap, comes nice sturdy deployment clasp. I was looking for a moonphase , and was intrigued by CW watches. Ordered off their website I am in the US, and the watch arrived in 2-3 weeks. Because of this experience zip have my eye on other CW watches. Happy collecting. 😊