Apr 10, 20184330 views
On a business trip to Cleveland with the 42mm Squale 1545. That's First Energy Stadium, Cleveland City Hall, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Lake Erie in the background.
YanDoroshenko, SHiNe.tO, and 13 others

I've been checking out Squale watches on Gnomon for a while now. They have some pretty nice color options - root beer being one of them. Are you happy with yours? You have other dive watches, so where does the Squale fit in the collection?
I love my Squale. The fit and finish is superb. Since mine is a submariner homage, it might have limited appeal to some, but I prefer the 42mm size of this over the Rolex, not to mention the 90% cost savings. It's well built and rock solid. It's my favorite diver, closely followed by my SKX, although the Squale is far dressier.