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Choose your side!
Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical on the left, Glycine Combat Classic 6 on the right (drop live right now, GL0112 pictured). It has been one of my most worn watches since I got it about 6 weeks ago. Swapped some straps today. Leather from Glycine over to Hamilton, perlon on to the Glycine.



I had to go with the Hamilton. I'm liking it on the leather I got here on Massdrop, the slight camo pattern is just too good to say no. It also wears a lot smaller off of the Nato, which I enjoy.


Have a great hump day, everyone!
Gunho, eldam, and 15 others

Is that one of Vulture Premium's Camo Vachetta straps?
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I got one of each color. You seem to have gotten one of the woodland ones with a lighter brown base color than mine.
I really like these straps. The blue and red ones are less obviously camo (since the pattern is really meant for a larger "canvas" than a watch strap), but they look great as abstract patterns.
Agreed, and it is quality leather.
Like both of those watches and straps. The one on the Hamilton looks similar to the Nick Mankey Designs autumn redux. Considering the Combat 6 right now, but am torn between the 43 mm and 36.
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I've never worn the 43 but the 36 would be hard to improve upon, IMO...
I had a black dialed 36mm Combat 6. Agreed with the other posters that it wears larger.