Oct 23, 2016

Best Value Guilloché Dial Watches

Guilloché dials are watches with an actual decorative pattern on the dial itself.
I've found some of these watches and just wanted to share.
Anyone know of any of these types of watches that won't hurt the bank? The only one I know is the Seiko Cocktail Time and Reverie.


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Guilloché is French for "Spirograph." Or is it "doily."

I appreciate the skill involved, just like I appreciate the skill of a ballerina. But I don't go to the ballet, and I think that most guilloché has a fuddy-duddy look to it.

Just one man's opinion.
I know there is debate over value vs. cost, but I've seen some other posts on Swiss watches under$2K. In that vein, I'm not sure I've seen guilloche done better than on the Armand Nicolet TM7.

Blue hands + Guilloché + Day Date under 100 bucks

You have A KS? I'd be curious to hear feedback.
Not yet my friend. i wanna buy this one but the silver version. Looks beautiful tho. As soon as i get one i'll share it for sure.
Ghilloché + Moon face + Open hart + Automatic for under 100 bucks

Here is one alternative for under 200 bucks.

Love my Bulova even though it's a quartz and the battery dies every year!
Oris Artilier Jumping Hour...beautiful gullioche and jump hour. Can be found under $2k. Would love to see this as a drop.
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Do you have it?
No, I set it as my watch goal
Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic & Regulator

My daily is a Hamilton Viewmatic. Excellent watch at the price point.
Kent Wang Art Deco
My Baume&Mercier Automatic
An affordable option is the Raymond Weil 2838-SL5-05658 under 600$
J Springs 74€
Seiko Cocktail Time for the win. That watch is very cool.
The Seiko Brightz models such as the SDGM003 (black dial) or the SGDM001 (white dial). They are like the cocktail time only WAY better with first-rate bracelets, 41.5 mm case, and a thinner case. The finishing is quite extraordinary for these watches. They cost around $720, but I almost got one on Ebay for $600. I think they have Diashock as well.

Personally, I am in love with enamel dials. I want a Tourby or a Seiko, if I could find a Seiko that was not sold out or selling for hundreds above list.
Seikos with hand-painted Urushi enamel dials are stunning. You may send enquiry to Higuchi/Chino watch/Seyajapan and compare what they'll offer you. Higuchi has among the most reasonable prices for JDM watches.