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What are you listening to... RIGHT NOW!?

Got some funky tunes going on? Think we might enjoy it? Feel free to link to Spotify, Soundcloud or Youtube along with the who, what, where. Pictures of your setup are also welcome.

Me right now... Basement Jaxx - Red Alert (Jaxx Radio Mix) [] from my Sonos Kitchen table setup!

dmonas, Andy TO, and 36 others

Erika - Relations Enjoying that one right now wonderful song.

I typically wander all over the place selecting albums on Google Music (I am at work, so no better audio equipment to make Tidal worth while) that sound interesting or have nice cover art. Recently I tripped over Van Canto, they are a fun mix of genres.
Listening to Aphex Twin - Analogue Bubblebath Vol. 3, FLAC 44.1 on my Sennheiser HD650 cans powered by the Darkvoice amp and played through my Moon DAC and Moon renderer.

Really enjoying this performance by Shakey Graves in the Leon Loft and anyone else who performs there. Listening on my Jamo S 801’s powered by a Gemtune PA1501A amp. Beginner setup but it’s given me the itch to buy much much more! Lately really hocked up on Tycho electronic stuff!
Shuffle play of a mix of solo albums by John, Paul, George and Ringo, it's below zero and windy AF so I'm staying in. 3MA. This is their song Moustique. Thank you to Radio Paradise for introducing me to at least 3 artists I've never heard of, every day. Listening to them via Tidal, to my Exasound DAC, Marantz preamp and amp, and GoldenEar Triton 1 speakers.
Eric Clapton's Live at the Royal Albert Hall (2015) on my Fiio X5 II DAP and Brainwavz B400 IEMs
I’m listening to The English Beat album I Just Can’t Stop It. Listening on my IPhone 6 with an FiiO Mont Blank to drive my Hifiman Sundara Headphones . Sometimes I switch it up with a Peachtree Shift Amp/Dac.
Listening to Kane Welch and Kaplin through a Rega Apollo CD player and Audiolab 6000A amp into Monitor Audio Radius 270 speakers. Also pictured is a Rega P3 turntable.

Schubert's Quintet in C Major, using iMac as server, Questyle CMA 400i headphone amp on loan for demo, Focal Elex headphones. Pretty good stuff.
audioslave - original fire
Why do you have your monitors upside-down?
It's normally done as a preference so that the highs are more prominent to the listeners ears/position
Good Nights by Whethan - kinda different and as a bonus, the baseline gets LOW
Supertramp cannonball on a Dual 604 and Nad 304. hope my new speakers will be finished soon 😍
Tunto via tidal through iFi Pro iDSD into Senn HD 6XX. Otherwise into a Carver MXR 130 into Infinitesimals.
Sun Rays by KLIM (Courtesy of my current Discover Weekly playlist. Love it.)
Listening to you tube with ZU Audio speakers and Peachtree Audio Nova 150 amp.

You need the new Sonos Amp!
Listening to this slow burner on LCD-2C's through the THX 789: The Haxen Cloak - Excavation Very tasty sub bass and fine details throughout.
Streaming alternative to KEFQ100s on a Monoprice hybrid tube amp. I WAS listening to the JAMOs you raved about after they finally arrived Wednesday (three week backorder) but they were a step down. A good recommendation for someone without decent speakers yet though.
Sweet Talk by Saint Motel Just found them yesterday and I love all their stuff
If I'd Known by Kero Kero Bonito... nice vibes from a new album
My girlfriend snoring at 130 dB
Relaxing to some "Days of Future Passed"; DVD in DTS 5.1 Surround. Relatively new Revel Concerta2 F36's Floorstanders.

I’m eyeing those revels myself.
“ EX:re “streaming on Apple Music on my massdrop CTH amp and Massdrop Focal Elex phones. Got both the LP and CD order but even streaming it’s great. Check it out. Amazing folk album with full orchestra support and choir training.
Droppin’ the needle on this trash