May 15, 2016

What are you listening to... RIGHT NOW!?

Got some funky tunes going on? Think we might enjoy it? Feel free to link to Spotify, Soundcloud or Youtube along with the who, what, where. Pictures of your setup are also welcome.

Me right now... Basement Jaxx - Red Alert (Jaxx Radio Mix) [] from my Sonos Kitchen table setup!


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Believe by the Bravery & Naive by the Kooks on a mix of my Kanto Yumis w/ Sub8 and HD650 powered by a iFi Micro iDSD Black Label as I introduce my sister to the world of good tunes. Links (Theyre Youtube links but I've been showing her flac recordings for more wow factor):

Right this very sec... New York State of Mind by Billy Joel on Teac LS-101 speakers powered by a APPJ mini2013 with a 12inch JBL bandpass subwoofer powered by a DaytonAudio APA-150

Call me a edgy teenager but
Twenty One Pilots - Stessed out
My boss yelling at me for using my phone at work
DDT - Дождь, Hiffman - 400s
Cex - Texas Menstruates

HD6XX, Xonar STX soundcard, Foobar2000
Needs more X's...
Los Lobos Kiko, the best
I've had the Sampha album, Process in heavy rotation since it came out a couple weeks ago, find the whole album beautiful (and well recorded which is a bonus) but highlights include Plastic 100ºC, Blood on Me, Under & Timmy's Prayer.

Muse - ConScience

To good to let it pass.

Feeling young again :)
Diana Krall, Cry Me a River, The Look of Love (2001) flac on my HD6xx's!
Hardcore midget piss porn (on a loop)
Literally this right now

I wish these KEXP live shows were available for download in a lossless format. I don't believe they are.

Also listening nearfield on some JBL 590 towers powered by the tiny TEAC 101DA.
Blocked here in the uk :( but still hey now is a brilliant song.

Listening to Imogen heap/Frou Frou - Holding out for a hero
Avicii- Trouble
Fostex TH-X00 mahogany through a Schiit Modi-Magni Uber stack.
Jaguares-Te lo Pido por favor | With my KZ ZST in ear headphones
Carpenter Brut - Turbo Killer | t50rp mrk III
Gorgeous system! Can you please let me know which are those nice speakers? :)
Talk Talk Spirit of Eden. Original 80s CD. Amazing atmospherics and vocals. Listening on Sony DVD converter, Pioneer dynamics processor, Old School Kenwood amp with nice low end capabilities and my trusty Bose 901s with active equalization.