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What are you listening to... RIGHT NOW!?

Got some funky tunes going on? Think we might enjoy it? Feel free to link to Spotify, Soundcloud or Youtube along with the who, what, where. Pictures of your setup are also welcome.

Me right now... Basement Jaxx - Red Alert (Jaxx Radio Mix) [] from my Sonos Kitchen table setup!

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Listening to Malevolent Creation - Slaughter Of Innocence at work while waiting for my K181s to arrive.
This Exact moment is Pink Floyd Shine on you crazy diamond, parts I-IX. As much as I love it my crappy headphones don't bring out all the greatness.
Barbara Carroll Trio - Sentimental Mood.
It's late and I'm trying to music myself to sleep, so this:

Would be a good song for the sound demos you run, IMHO...
I have dual Bic America old new stock DV 64's great sound cheap price at 130 each.
Listening to Blessthefall - Open Water:

Toppind D30 DAC > Feliks Audio Espressivo MKII amp > iFi Earbuddy > Kinera Limited Earbuds.
and Nothing More has popular recently.
LSR30x with a Schiit Stack

This is an older picture of my setup,it's the same except better placement and its now driven by a much more capable NAD C320BEE instead of my old SMSL SA-60.

Listening on Yamaha RXV677 and Jensen SPX-5
I dunno really, probably John Mayer “radio” on spotify
Listening to Armin Van Buuren's ASOT 845 special on ATH-M50x with Velour replacement earcups, fed via a Mackie Mix5 connected to a computer. I've gotta introduce a proper DAC/Amp into the chain...
Newest tunes have been the 'Cuphead - Original Soundtrack' album that recently came up on my bandcamp discovery feed. Absolutely awesome soundtrack....

Sample track to give you an idea:

First listened to it with my Gustard X20U DAC ->STAX SRM-323S driver unit -> KossESP950.... twas incredible experience with all the detail, speed, and imaging.

Currently listening with my DFR -> Schiit Loki (switch on bypass for TH-X00PH) -> modded Gustard H10 (custom vented top, heat sinked internals, Burson V6 vivid opamps) -> modded TH-X00PH.... DAT SWEET SWEET PRESENTATION OF PERCUSSION , BRASS, AND PIANO!

Picture of setup below:

Fab setup!
PS. Thank you for the Kristofer Maddigan track, listening to it now
"Please Tell Rosie" by the Berlin-based DJ "Alle Farben" -

And I'm listening on my crappy headset, that I have to wear since I am at work ^^
Smile Sara