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What are you listening to... RIGHT NOW!?

Got some funky tunes going on? Think we might enjoy it? Feel free to link to Spotify, Soundcloud or Youtube along with the who, what, where. Pictures of your setup are also welcome.

Me right now... Basement Jaxx - Red Alert (Jaxx Radio Mix) [] from my Sonos Kitchen table setup!

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NAO + Bishop Briggs vinyl on a pair of revel m22 speakers with a Mirage Omni12 sun & Integra integrates amp
phil collins - face value
Animals as Leaders
Onkyo TX-NR737 7.2 A/V Receiver Infinity Primus P363 towers HSU VTF-2 MK5 Subwoofer Infinity Primus P153 surrounds Fluance XLBP Bipolar rear surrounds ELAC UNI-FI Center

Mumuki by Astor Piazzolla.
lots of; Glass Animals David Bowie Foxy Shazam Run The Jewels I Don't Know How But They Found Me Natalia Killz Xzibit Colin Sheldrake Cage The Elephant Imagine Dragons Marconi Union - Weightless Rebolution Caravan Palace Gorillaz The Correspondents Iration Cake Estelle Wheezer Joshua Redman Mostly things that contain some sort of alto pitch, because i have hearing loss and tinnitus, so hearing things can prevent my ears from responding to existing with a sort of unpleasant feeling that is the ringing of tinnitus, also to appreciate the incredible work of these artist and many others, has anyone had a good experience with something that does; bone conduction and sound for your ears to hear?
That's a ton of music to be listening to "right now." I just picked my one favorite at the moment. Animals as Leaders. A close second is Haitus Kaiyote. Then Lamb of God.
I'm gonna need a few of those Samoas
Anachronist - RGB

Dune Rain - Irreversible Frequencies Grace SDAC > THX 789 > Eidolic balanced cable > Audioquest Nighthawks "I use vinyl because it's expensive and inconvenient"
Elsiane - Time for Us
Watching the end of the [super wet] Rolex 24 race, writing some Python, but I'm listening to Black Foxxes latest Reiði which means I also have to queue up their 2016 release, I'm Not Well. :) So very highly recommended. Listening via: iTunes/MBP >> Vali 2 >> HD6XX (slightly mod'ed), adding a Modi 3 in the very near future!
Vangelis new album Nocturne. Sonos Amp and VAF DC-7 speakers
In the Hearts of Emperors - White Cities are Breeding Inside Your Wound A plodding doomy excursion that ends with some harshness. Whole album is fantastic.
What speakers are those and I'm listening to 2pac all eyes on me
Fleetwood Mac-Fleetwood Mac Reminds me of my early teens. HD6XX/Little Dot II/ Schiit Modi 3
Queensryche - Last Time in Paris On my Massdrop x Fostex TR-X00 Ebony's plugged into Massdrop Liquid Carbon X + SDAC DAC/Amp with a periaptcables balanced xlr cable Been listening to Deadmau5's unplugged symphony album while playing Overwatch, and its a great expirience
I've been photographing my children's artwork all day. That probably sounds weird, but it's something I do, for archival purposes. Anyway, I've listened to quite a few things since I began. Right now The Clash - London Calling is playing. Here are some links: HD-6xx/Schiit Vali 2/Modi 2 Uber/HifiBerry Digi+
I do the same, it's so easy to forget that even with so much of our lives being recorded digitally (and [hopefully**] backed up in some capacity), there's still some things we'd love to keep for a long time, that are on __paper__. We had severe flooding the last couple of hurricane seasons, our place is built high, so nothing in the house, but some older folks local to us got creamed and everything they had in terms of photos, newspaper clippings, etc., was only in hardcopy and most of it got ruined. ** I actually sync photo/video content from our smart phones to a cloud service, also duplicated to my local machine, that machine is backed up to a local NAS (including full images every couple of weeks), and all data completely backed up again to a remote backup service :)
Sorry to hear about the flooding. I dread such a scenario. I keep the "choice cuts" on paper, but the entire digital archive is also backed up in the cloud and at home. Drives never fail unitl they fail, if you know what I mean.
Judy Kuhn - All This Happiness CD - she has the voice a goddess :)
Erika - Relations Enjoying that one right now wonderful song.

I typically wander all over the place selecting albums on Google Music (I am at work, so no better audio equipment to make Tidal worth while) that sound interesting or have nice cover art. Recently I tripped over Van Canto, they are a fun mix of genres.
Listening to Aphex Twin - Analogue Bubblebath Vol. 3, FLAC 44.1 on my Sennheiser HD650 cans powered by the Darkvoice amp and played through my Moon DAC and Moon renderer.

Really enjoying this performance by Shakey Graves in the Leon Loft and anyone else who performs there. Listening on my Jamo S 801’s powered by a Gemtune PA1501A amp. Beginner setup but it’s given me the itch to buy much much more! Lately really hocked up on Tycho electronic stuff!
Tycho is dope
Tycho is a tool.
Shuffle play of a mix of solo albums by John, Paul, George and Ringo, it's below zero and windy AF so I'm staying in. 3MA. This is their song Moustique. Thank you to Radio Paradise for introducing me to at least 3 artists I've never heard of, every day. Listening to them via Tidal, to my Exasound DAC, Marantz preamp and amp, and GoldenEar Triton 1 speakers.
Eric Clapton's Live at the Royal Albert Hall (2015) on my Fiio X5 II DAP and Brainwavz B400 IEMs
I’m listening to The English Beat album I Just Can’t Stop It. Listening on my IPhone 6 with an FiiO Mont Blank to drive my Hifiman Sundara Headphones . Sometimes I switch it up with a Peachtree Shift Amp/Dac.