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My watch collection is not very big, rather small. I have only one chronograph, which I'm wearing today, one Vostok Amphibia Reef and an old Luch-Poljot dresser.
My Seagull 1963 Airforce has 19-jewel hand wound column-wheel chronograph ST19 movement developed in 1961 under project 304 and was based on Venus-Minerva 175. Sharp chronograph with a lot of history behind it.

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Blue and red hands with the gold hour markers is strangely good looking.
It is an older design. Sea Gull have recently made a reissue with gold-red star under 12 o'clock. But I got mine 10 years before reissue happened.
Nice. I have a 1963 reissue, it's one of my favourites. I really ought to pick up some vintage examples.
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Yeah that's right. Nice story, I guess you can't be too upset about the Orient when they go above and beyond like that.
After I lost my Orient I'd decided not to buy an expensive watches anymore because I obviously was not able to take a good care of them. So when I arrived at Dubai I bought cheap digital watch of no-name brand and said to myself "to the hell with it". I've managed to loose it too.