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My wrist check today features yet another Aragon watch, it’s called The Antigravity. I think this watch was released last year by Aragon and for me it was love at first sight. You can check out the specifications below but the two stand-out features - a spectacular double dome crystal and the over-sized power reserve indicator. I’ve always been a fan of dome crystals and have seen a few high end watches on Instagram featuring extreme dome’s, but this one seems to have the perfect curve, I love it. In addition, this is the first watch in my collection that features a power reserve indicator. I remember lusting over a gold Seiko Kinetic back in 1988 with its crazy Alien vs. Predator style links on the bracelet. It was way out of my price range at about $400 but I really wanted that watch mainly because of the cool looking over-sized power reserve indicator that swept around half the dial. I cut a photo of that watch out of a GQ magazine and kept it in my wallet for years, I may still have that worn out photo somewhere in my office....ha! Even if power reserve indicators aren’t that accurate they sure look cool, and now I want them on every watch. My Antigravity looks great as I catch glimpses of it on my wrist throughout the day. The dome reminds me of the face shield on the helmet of a NASA space suit so along with the actual name “Antigravity” I may start calling it “The Martian”. Many of my non-watch collecting friends don’t get it but all the other watch fanatics I know are onboard.
Make: Aragon (use to be called Android)
Model: Antigravity A282BLU (Blue)
Movement: cal. SII NE57 Automatic w/hacking
Jewels: 29
Complication: Power Reserve Indicator
Power Reserve: 45hrs
Case: 45mm High Polished Stainless Steel
Case Thickness: 19mm
Case Back: Exhibition
Crystal: Double Domed K1 Hardened Mineral
Dial: Blue Sun-Burst
Crown: Screw-Down
Lugs: 24mm
Band: High Polished Stainless Steel w/ Push Button Deployant
WR: 20ATM (200 meters - 660 feet)


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Wow. But now I also want to see that Seiko you're referencing....
Funny lookin at massdrop and I see the watch I got on this evening, yep a Wing design , love this one and wife got me for birthday this year but wanted it as soon as I saw it years ago ! It’s the blue one 45mm but love the lume to!Cheers
Thank you for posting this! I've seen some of their DiveMasters online before but didn't know about the Antigravity and absolutely fell in love with it when I saw your post. Mine arrived yesterday and it is absolutely gorgeous! That domed crystal just blows me away. I bought the 45 mm one and got it on sale for $181 delivered, an amazing deal if you ask me. It is at the uppermost size limit for my 6.75" wrist, but it's a keeper. If anyone else is interested in their watches, they tend to have sales on various holidays, my guess is that Father's Day is probably a sure thing for that. I got it on a "Mother's Day" sale of all things, plus an additional 30% off with a coupon code that I googled for. Cheers!
Wing Liang the lead designer & CEO over at Aragon Watch know how to design a watch. I love my Antigravity automatic!
A men's watch!
That is really cool, but, man, would I be nervous about klonking the crystal on a doorframe.
Yes, I have had plenty of wacks and bumps against door jams, banistes, tables, and chairs with many of my watches over the years. I am a bit more jittery about this watch more than others - all I can do is go about my day and hope for the best.