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First is What I typically carry on my person:

-DIY Leather Wallet
-Brass Zippo with butane insert
-Otterwax Lip Balm
-Spyderco Dragonfly in British Racing Green
-Victorinox Pioneer 2017 Edition
-Seiko G757
-House Key
-Quiet Carry Bandit TI
-Car Key
-A handkerchief and Bandana

Next is my usual EDC bag. An old claymore mine bag.

Usually found inside
-Zipper pouch with iPod and electronic accessories
-Kindle inside handmade faux ostrich pouch.
-Shinola journal
-1955 Loyal Pigskin Address Book
-Word Notebook
-FoxTool Bottle Opener
-Parker ballpoint pen
-A harmonica (sometimes)
-Opinel no. 8 in khaki
-Box of NOC minimalist playing cards

I change out stuff every now and again but this is what I carry most often. Thanks!

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