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16:10 ratio monitors

Anyone else in the market for a 16:10 ratio monitor? I do a lot of coding and I don't need a wide screen monitor which is about all stores seem to sell these days. Something high quality under $1000 would be nice.

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Good evening,
some information missing for me. Which screensize and resolution are you looking for. Having 4k and UHD the argument about not enough screensize/resolution regarding height isn't that valid anymore for 16:9 ratio for me.
I do have a 32" 16:10 monitor, a 34" ultrawide one, have had 24" 16:10, died some time ago after ~ 12 years, and since one week a 43" 16:9 UHD Hisense TV as monitor and have to say it rocks for my needs of working and gaming for just €399, which is a joke for the quality, pleasure and screen estate.
My input for you, don't know where you live, take your notebook, if you've one, drive to the local electronic mall and check it out in reality with different models and sizes. You might be surprised for good.
Pages i like to visit on this behalf: http://www.displaywars.com/32-inch-16x10-vs-40-inch-16x9 - http://www.rtings.com/ for example
Thanks, Makami. I thought I wanted 16:10 but the more I look at the differences the less I am convinced, especially with the split mode feature of the LG 34UC87M-B which I am seriously considering buying here on Massdrop. I think 4K would be too high of a resolution for me (tried hooking my laptop to my 55" 4K TV). I'm not sure how well font scaling works on Linux (my primary OS). I do want more than a 1080 vertical resolution, as I find I scroll up/down far too often. All in all, I think I am now on board with buying a wide screen display. Thanks for your input!
You're welcome,
i use linux on my laptop, too. Tomorrow evening i might be able to show some pictures with the 34" LG i have. Waiting for my Thinkpad with Displayport, should arrive tomorrow, crazy Halloween deal for a used T420.
Have a nice day
I rather like the Asus ProArt monitor line.. for example: The current model is: https://www.asus.com/Monitors/PA246Q/
I have PA248,, but it is really a nice monitor.
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