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Grand Budapest SA live NOW! (GB ended 11/07)

I'd figure there would be more people interested in this keycap set,especially since the interest check ran on here.
Get buying! (Even more spending...so worth it tho)
IronSunsetscales, TheSkeleton, and 14 others

HOLY SHIT I only got into the drop 20 minutes before it closed thank god ive had my eye out for this set its also my first SA set of alphas im very excited im going to put it on my planck with has abs alphas I know gross
now just gotta wait 7 months :/ this was a small time frame so I thought it would be quicker
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Yeah thanks dude I wouldn't have seen it without you
Not a problem! Hopefully I'll come across more that I'll share here too.
I'm dropping $140 on the 40's and alphas, RIP wallet.
Well then I'd rather not shock you with what I bought + import fees for Europe XD
Does the Planck kit come with the alphas? Or do I need to buy the alphas seperately?
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Well that's the reason that drops on here do much better. Not sure why they decided to run an interest check here, but not the run. Oh well. Maybe round 2 might do!
That's rough bud