Mar 30, 20181323 views

Flowfold wallet used to hold;
Victorinox nail clipper, multi-tool
Gerber Shard
Fisher Space pen
Bang Ti Titanium toothpick
CVS aluminum pill case
BaiMoon Tactical pen glass breaker
USB cable
Eyeglass screwdriver

SWC front pockt wallet, with NiteIze multi-tool
Citizen Eco Drive watch
Tile Sport
NiteCore flashlight
NiteIze multi-tool
SwissTech multitool
Zolo Wireless earbuds
Bose earbuds
Allegory pouch
PNY battery bank
Mucusta Kamon Family money clip frame lock knife
Bradley Klein, evan.kahn, and 3 others

@stevercpa how do you like your flowfold wallet? I'm thinking of bringing the brand to Massdrop and would love your input!