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Wow... I hope this isn't an overkill...

I don't carry a big knife everydag, so I would like to make a difference between what I literally carry or wear EVERY DAY and EVERY WEEKEND.
I wish I could express myself as easy or easy going as you guys, but my native tongue is Flemish/Dutch. So I guess I have to describe everything with the American vocabulary "I Carry Everyday"...

Here we go:

ON THE LEFT: what I carry every day from top to bottom:
- necklace with a 'twist' I bought in Curaçao (which represents the many paths of life)
- my first aid and super compact Seeoo 'pince nez' reading glasses (I'm 48-Y old you see...)
- an ordinary nail clipper with a piece of paracord to find it a little bit easier
- my small clip on / pocket Deejo knife
- my old Zippo Original Replica lighter (which I noticed is on Mass Dropp these days :-)
- paracord bracelet in red because I have some fetish with red accents
- dental gloss
- own made key hanger with leather and 'a slice of wood'...
- my Moleskin notebook
- Rotring fountain pen which I'm very fond of because Rotring doesn't make this anymore
- self made cash coin bag
- 20-Y old Breitling Avenger (which still works BTW)
- compact Secrid Wallet Case for cards and folding money
- Japanese Midori Travelers's Notebook (which is made in Thailand)
- pill case for my food supplements (and Viagra in case needed ;-)
- that thing you call with and go on the internet too!!!

ON THE RIGHT: what I carry every weekend from top to bottom:
- Fjällräven Backpack (maybe a little bit old fashioned and not always very practical)
- Victor Inox Multitool (my compact toolbox on the go)
- Andy Wood Knife (made by hand - on order - not to show off, but rather exclusive if you ask me)
- an ordinary Led Lenser flashlight (I've seen Massdrop has very interesting alternatives these days :-)
- my self composed first Aid Kit

I hope my contribution was worth it. Good luck guys!
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