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(Including jewellery)

- Nippits menthol liquorice pellets, & cocoa butter (hand balm)
- Self made buri palm nut komboloi
- Guayacan & brass pill case containing earplugs & 3 day meds supply (amazon)
- Sphene pendant w/ gold snake chain
- Sono wood container ear gauges w/ emergency meds supply (one shown, other one stays empty for whatever) (from "fly style jewellery" website)
- Mayfair Pagan eu de parfum 3ml
- Nickel plated copper die (gift, origin unknown)
- Prometheus Lambda top solid brass edition
- Olight S1A Baton CU copper flashlight
- Microfiber polishing cloth (amazon)
- Custom Hiroaki Ohta OFF-L VG10 friction folder in snakewood w/ leather slip
- Leatherman Style PS multitool
- Word Mist pocket notebook w/ OHTO Smile mini slide clip
- Karas Kustoms Retrakt rollerball pen in copper
- Velvet slim purse/money&card slip (obtained free in a gemstone purchase)
- Recycled hairband cut from old tights
- Nite Ize S-biner Microlock & keyrings (length of waxed cotton cord, bulbasaur vinyl figure, snakewood whistle)
- Ganderwick Creations fancy donut torc (bronze)
- Self made anklet made with copper beads & macrame cord
- brass, copper and steel wrist torc (gift, origin unknown)
- Florin coin
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This is fantastic.
You know, yours is a perfect example of, “A Pocket Dump is worth a thousand words”.
The contents, and arrangement, make for a very intriguing person.