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The Decades Quilt
I was a new quilter in the early 1990s. Fabric for this king-size quilt was purchased in 1991. Then I started a full time job and the fabric was stored for much too long. Once I started piecing the quilt, I realized that getting good points was a challenge--especially for a new quilter. I decided to learn to hand piece. The blocks in progress traveled with me everywhere. I worked on them during lunch hours at work, at the hospital where my mother in law was being treated for cancer, and on every long trip in the car. When I quit teaching in 1999, the quilt project was at the top of my "to do" list. It took at least 2 more years before all the hand piecing and applique was done and it was finally ready to put on a frame. To me, if I took the time to hand piece and hand applique the quilt, it deserved hand quilting too. I would work on it for awhile and then cover it with a sheet so it would not get dusty. Between weddings, new grandchildren, and moves from one city to another, I worked on it in spurts until it finally reached the half way mark. But it spent more time under that sheet than it should have. We are moving again and the frame is too large for the new house. Last week, we took the half-finished quilt off the frame and I basted it together. Now I am working on it in a hoop so it can go where I go. This is the 26th year for The Decades Quilt and I am determined to finally get it done!

Nenea, LPayti, and 12 others

OMGoodness, it is exquisite! Outstanding colors, design, and handiwork. The love in it is visible.
Beautiful. I admire your tenacity! And handwork!