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Affordable automatic watches

Can anyone recommend any automatic watches that aren't insanely expensive?
Tommy Botts and ltopper

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For a swiss made automatic brand new w a third party warranty and easy return if you are not happy, look at 2 if the 3 color variants of the Invivta producers [the third color is way more expensive than the other two, but dtill Inexpensive overall] 219, free 2 day shipping if you have prime, you may not have sales tax depending on your location. Good on gold Invicta Men's 18508 Pro Diver Analog Display Swiss Automatic Gold Watch
Gold w blue dial 212 not prime but ships free and No tax Invicta Men's 'Pro Diver' Swiss Automatic Stainless Steel Casual Watch, Color:Gold-Toned (Model: 18507)
The green faced one is cool but 299 Invicta 40mm Pro Diver Swiss Made Automatic Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch
Seiko , or possibly orient. Orient's are fantastic and much less well known.
what about the Swatch Sistem51? Any good?
For a watch that you'll be able to keep for a long time, I would also check out Steinhart. Some very good values there, all Swiss movements and the level of finishing and construction is WAY above the 'cheap' brands. They aren't $150 but you can tell that when you look at them. OTOH, Seiko gives you good quality for the price, there's no doubt of that. I just happen to like Swiss watches (automatics) and they really can't be had for below about $300 or so. I would also second looking at Tissot- always VERY good bang for buck (I'm surprised I haven't bought one yet). Many Tissots have a quirky feature or two, they're not afraid to be different, and it does make them stand out- especially at their price.
Regarding not being able to score swiss made autos new for under 300, its hard but not impossible, just need to kick over more rocks and dig more to find them, see my reply to op for two brand new swiss made attractive divers one for 212 and one for 219
Certina DS-1 is pretty well priced and i love the simple, classic look of Marloe watches, which are all manual, hand wound watches if i remember correctly:
Stuhrling Original has some automatic watches that aren't expensive (less than $200) on Amazon. I got a few several years back during their Cyber Monday sales; still running strong. They aren't as nice as some more expensive watches but I like decent and automatic. I wear mine more when I don't want to be too worried about scratches, someone stealing it (travel), etc.
I guess I'd ask why you want an automatic watch in the first place. I've always appreciated the artistry of a watch that uses so many incredibly intricate parts that will keep accurate time. Having said that, some of my beater quartz watches keep better time. If you're a real accuracy junkie, an automatic may not be your thing. I'm not sure what sort of style watch you are after - diver, classic, chronograph - but the more complications you are after, the more expensive the watch becomes. I would say that watches sporting a Seiko NH35A movement tend to be affordable (Say $150ish to several hundred dollars.) Orient's automatic movements are likely to be similar or even cheaper. I've always had a thing for Swiss movements like the ETA 2824 or Selita SW-200. Chances are, these will set you back several hundred dollars (Say, $300 plus, although some brands will exceed $1,000 or more). Then there are the Miyota (Citizen) movements like the 8215. Many affordable watches sporting this movement. Some other considerations like the type of crystal - sapphire vs. flame fusion etc. (I have a preference for sapphire). Do you want legibility at night? (Not all luminescence is the same.) Water resistance? At least 50 meters, so you won't screw up that automatic watch after an unthinking dive into the pool (we've all been there). Finally, do you want a display case back, so you can see that mechanical beauty? If your'e a watch geek like the rest of us, some research will set you in the right direction towards an affordable automatic. I don't think there are too many wrong decisions. Remember, the number of watches a person should own, is N+1, where N is the number of watches you own right now. Cheers
That’s the point mate! Thanks for writing here.
As others have said, Seiko 5 or Vostok Amphibia.
Get a Seiko. Don’t get a Parnis.
Define what insanely expensive means to you. For some people, spending more than $150 is insanely expensive. For others, you can add a zero to that, and for others still another zero before they are insanely expensive. It really depends on your own budget and perspective. I own some nice Invicta and Spinnaker automatic watches that cost less than $100. I have lots (LOTS) of watches that cost between $100 and $1,000 and I have a couple of watches that cost between $1,000 and $1,500. I have one watch that cost more than$1,500. What I've purchased and how much I spent at the time was reflective of my financial situation at the time.
You can buy automatic watches at all price ranges that would likely bring you great enjoyment. It's not what you spend, it's how you feel when you wear it.
+1 on your comments. Need a dollar figure for where expensive becomes "insanely expensive". That number is different for everybody.
Glycine , Hamilton, Tissot, Seiko’s = great price points and solidly made pieces with sapphire crystal. Even cheaper = Orient Bambino V-4 or some Citizen models Just my opinion of some inexpensive brands and models. I mean how can you beat a Hamilton Khaki King ! Damn good watch For next to nothing
Fortis watches in the sub $1000 range are awesome
G.Gerlach watches, a polish watchmaker using Seiko or AAA SeaGull movements... about 400US
Besides the Seiko 5's there's the Vostok Amphibia, and Orient has several affordable ones such as the Mako. Depends on what you mean by insanely expensive.
Seiko 5 are amazing, also check out parnis, they have a lot of homage watches like rolex gmt, iwc big pilot.... tbh i like more parnis even though its not a real brand , but their prodocts are amazing.
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seiko 5 'sea urchin' good long track record, attractive watch, great value for you what you pay sub 200 usd, sometimes significantly less fyi write up
fossil watches insanely cheap the expensive ones are like 400. really nice too
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