Nov 2, 2016

Affordable automatic watches

Can anyone recommend any automatic watches that aren't insanely expensive?

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Fortis watches in the sub $1000 range are awesome
G.Gerlach watches, a polish watchmaker using Seiko or AAA SeaGull movements... about 400US
Besides the Seiko 5's there's the Vostok Amphibia, and Orient has several affordable ones such as the Mako. Depends on what you mean by insanely expensive.
Seiko 5 are amazing, also check out parnis, they have a lot of homage watches like rolex gmt, iwc big pilot.... tbh i like more parnis even though its not a real brand , but their prodocts are amazing.
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[deleted user]
seiko 5 'sea urchin' good long track record, attractive watch, great value for you what you pay
sub 200 usd, sometimes significantly less
fyi write up
[deleted user]
fossil watches insanely cheap the expensive ones are like 400. really nice too
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