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It’s Fountain Pen Day! Share Your Photos

Hey everybody! Today’s the day to celebrate the art of handwriting and the use of fountain pens with fellow enthusiasts the world round. Fountain pens encourage the writer to slow down and enjoy the feeling of the pen against the page. They add personality to every letter, and can be paired with a variety of inks and paper types until you find what you like best.
So tell us: What are you writing with today? Share a photo of your favorite fountain pen below, and check out what others are using too.

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Visconti Watermark gold with a custom Japanese needlepoint nib.

Visconti Homosapiens Bronza Age, nothing special on this one.

Both are filled with this ink, Sepia light and Sepia dark made from cuddlefish ink.
Only recently picked up the addiction and I have 4 pens already...
Lamy All-black Limited Edition, Fine nib
Noodlers Ahab flex nib
Pilot Metropolitan Extra Fine Nib
Lamy Joy Calligraphy 1.5mm
Ink: Diamine Poppy Red
Cant beat a Parker Super 21 for utility but this one still has the tag on it so, perhaps another day!
Being a maker of Fine Writing instruments, this is the quality of my work. And also, what I use. :-)
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Very nice!
Thank You!
Ahab with Nemosine 0.6mm stub - Emerald of Chivor ink

Konrad with Stormy Grey
...not depicted, also 2 Kaweco Sports, a Pelikan M205, and a brand new TWSBI Vac Mini that I will be inking up this weekend.
I like that small hand writing.. Mine is slightly the same I just prefer a slight slant to the right as if it's a person and his head is facing forward heading to run off the page lol.
My current rotation...visconti rembrandt, bamboo ranga, esterbrook, stipula etruria rainbow, montblanc andy warhol and visconti opera bronze...
Twain 580.
I want a Pelkan m805 or m1005, but price is still too high.
Joy is a quick doodle.
First time here - loved using fountain pens in high school but slowly got away from them. Had a reoccurring problem as a left hand writer With pens skipping. Now inspired to get some pens for journaling. Any left hand writers willing to recommend their favorite pens? Thanks.
Happy belated crew!
Happy fountain pen day to all the "writing" community, hoping new stunning drops, as always !
nice 2000! what kind of ink are you using there?
It's Diamine Deep Dark Red, an exclusive of Cult Pens.
Brass Kaweco Sport fountain pen. For more of my work:
Nice work