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EDC Pens--What's in Your Bag?

What pens do you carry around on a daily basis? I've assembled a list with writing samples from the pens currently in the bag that follows me to court, to the office, and everywhere in between. I use each pen a little differently. I'll run through it and hopefully you'll have your own to add in the comments (include photos if you can, I'm always on the lookout for awesome new pens!).
Currently in my bag are the following:
Left to Right in first photo:
(6) 1960s Parker Ballpoint with the Blue Gel Parker Refill (my personal favorite) (Retail ~$100). I have a bunch of these, but I always keep at least one in my bag and one in my office. It looks classy, but doesn't have a nib that a client can mangle. Thus, this is the pen I lend the most often. Every fountain pen user needs a lending pen--trust me.
(5) 1944 Parker "51" single jewel with Sterling Silver cap and fine nib (almost XF), Ink is Pilot Iroshizuku Tsuki-Yo (I think, it's been a while since I filled it). (Retail ~$150 with a Sterling Cap, less for many other variants). This is my signature pen. This is the only pen I own that can handle my fast/flowing signature consistently, so when I have things to sign, this is my go to pen. Plus, it can sit for two weeks with the cap on and write instantly afterwards--really a fantastic pen, everyone should own one. Overall performance wise, you can't really beat it.
(4) Grifos Bog Oak - totally stock (for now) with a Medium Bock stainless steel nib. Ink is Mont Blanc Limited Edition JFK Navy (which half the time looks gray). (~$200 on Massdrop, Retail is higher). I use this pen to take down phone messages quickly. Its no-nonsense firm medium makes it perfect for quick on-the-go jotting down of notes.
(3) Wahl-Eversharp Decoband in Lapis Blue with Fine (almost M) "Superflex" nib. Ink is Limited Edition Mont Blanc Honore de Balzac (laugh it up, that's the name) blue/turquoise, possibly my new favorite ink (which had been Waterman Inspired/South Seas Blue). (Retail $850). This is my "WOW FACTOR" pen. the bright red feed and enormous size (it's bigger in every dimension than a Mont Blanc 149) screams work of art. I use this pen for client meetings/note taking. It's definitely a pen "to be seen with," but it helps that it's also a dream to write with.
(2) Pelikan M205 Aquamarine "FrankenPelikan" with a 1910s size 2 Sheaffer "long tines" wet noodle nib. Ink is Pelikan's Edelstein Aquamarine which came with the set. Also a fantastic ink (although a little on the dry side, like many Pelikan inks). (~$150 on Massdrop for the set, retail is higher, another $300 for the custom nib job). This pen lives in my Levenger international pocket briefcase--so anytime I have that out, this is the pen I use.
(1) Pilot Custom 912. This is the newest edition to the EDC bag. It has a custom ground FA nib which got some extra flex treatment and a nearly needlepoint nib (XXF). I think they also worked the feed because I've seen no issues with railroading even with heavy flex use--and railroading is a common problem in the stock pen. Ink is the same as in the Decoband, Mont Blanc Honore de Balzac blue/turquoise (amazing ink for a flexible nib pen...SHADING and even a little sheen sometimes). (~$370 including the extra nib work). This pen has replaced my trusty 1920s Wahl Pen in my Levenger Pad Folio for in-court note taking, so it will be getting lots of use--although, it is the least smooth out of my EDC pens due to the extremely fine nib, usable every day, but not butter like some prefer.

Photo with Caps off!
You'll note the Grifos and Decoband are not posted--deliberate. The Decoband is obnoxiously large when posted, practically the length of a lightsaber, so I never post it. The Grifos doesn't post carefully enough around the wood for me to be comfortable posting it--never a scratch shall be risked!
Of course, the writing samples:
For some reason the Pilot sample looks like a broader line than you'd see in real life--it's unbelievably thin in person. Color is slightly off as well, colors are a little more vivid in person. Otherwise, the below shows you a pretty good comparison. Paper is a lined Rhodia pad, letter size--bright white.

So, what pens do refuse to leave home without?
Do you have suggestions for pens I should be carrying, but don't (yet)?
Leave it in the comments!

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Montblanc starwalker
I share you,
Today I bring following 5 pens.

Pilot Custom 845 B / Pilot Blue Black
Montblanc Meisterstück 149 F / Pelikan Blue Black
Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze Oversize F / Pelikan Blue Black
Visconti Opera Typhoon Blue M / Pilot Blue Black
TWSBI Diamond 580 RB + Pilot #5 14k nib SM / Iroshizuku Yuyake

Favourite one is Opera Tuphoon, even it has stainless steel nib. It’s certainity a very hard pen tip, but it’s a reliable pen that can be handled roughly, with a wide tolerance that allows me to comfotability write.

A nib of TWSBI is interchangeable with Pilot #5 14k nib wich is isntalled with Custom 74 or Heritage 91 without any difficult processing. A feed is remained as original TWSBI, then ink is fed very wet, and the nib is getting more flexibility. I love the taste of this.
This is my current crop. I'm really enjoying the twsbi go!
Right is I am carrying a Nemosine Fission in Gunmetal Gray with a 0.8 stub nib, a nice, smooth and moderately wet writer that weighs a metric ton and is suitable to be used as a shotgun slug ; a Parker 61 in sweet Burgundy color, Medium nib, and damn good looks ; and an extremely vintage Montblanc 22 in Extra Fine, with the most flexible nib to date.
Love this thread. One of the following is always in my pocket, pretty much in this order of frequency:
Madmaxco stainless bolt-action (slightly modified with a thin rubber grip),
Lamy 2000, EF nib,
Riind (such a fine writer!)
Lamy Al-Star
I only carry one at a time and only to work, after work and weekend they stay home.
Pilot Vanishing Point(F)
Karas Kustom Retrakt- Pilot Precise V7 RT refill

Waterman Carene (M)
Lamy 2000 (M)
Platinum Century 3776 (M/F)
Pilot Custom 74 (M)
Waterman Expert (M)
Current "EDC"

1) Lamy AL Star F - lives in my lab coat
2) Platinum 3776 Chartres Fine - in my shirt pocket most days
3) Sheaffer Pop R2D2 Medium - in my backpack
4) Pentel Energel 0.5mm black/needle - also lives in my lab coat

If you couldn't tell, I write small, so <0.5mm nibs/points are a must. The 'D2 is my "sign" pen. Lot of blue because ... government job.

My Pelican M-800 is my EDC; always stuck in my shirt. Then there's a Lamy Safari w/Lamy fuel color ink, Nemosine Singularity w/Private Reserve red ink and a Conklin Duragraph w/Stub Nib and blue ink are on my desk and used every day. There's a;so a Bexley in my backpack that gets used frequently.
My current rotation...visconti rembrandt, bamboo ranga, esterbrook, stipula etruria rainbow, montblanc andy warhol and visconti opera bronze
I always have four pens in my daily rotation, which pens those are change on a weekly basis most of the time. I carry one in my pocket, and three in a Nock Lookout 3 pen case that stays in my book bag.

- I ALWAYS have my Karas Kustoms Fountain K in my pocket. Like turn around and go back home to get it sort of always. Indestructible pen, excellent nib. And a great way to show off...

Nock Lookout:
Here are the other pens I have in my current rotation:
- 1930's Shaffer Balance White Dot that my grandfather found in a desk drawer after my grandmother passed away. I refurbished it myself, and now it writes like a dream while also being a reminder of my grandmother.
- TWSBI 580AL. I just like this pen. Piston filler so it holds a ton of ink for taking notes (I'm an EE student) and the fine nib writes well on a wide range of paper to boot.
- Monteverde Invincia in carbon fiber with the Goulet 1.1mm stub. I usually have at least one stub in my rotation, and this nib is awesome.
Seeing lots of Lamy 2000s and I have to agree. It's just so convenient to cap/un-cap and the spring mechanism of the clip is really easy to use.
These days I find myself using my Lamy 2000 more and more... so smooth. Also a Lamy Al-Star with a 1.1 stub nib. In the pen loop on my journal is a Pilot Metropolitan EF.
Normal daily, EF Visconti homo sapiens with Robert Oster fire and ice. On duty, EF Lamy 2000 (usually Pelikan Edelstein Smoky Quartz) and a fisher space pen ballpoint backup.

In my backpack right now, a vintage oversize hero pen with a twsbi broad, a waterman 52 1/2 v with a Greg minuskin needlepoint wet noodle ideal, an eversharp 707 full flex, a lingmo Lorelei with baystate blue, a Noodlers konrad with a custom feed and zebra comic g dip pen nib, and a Lamy 2000 F with platinum citrus black iron gall.

In my desk I have a Scheaffer statesman snorkel, platinum 3776 soft fine (my iron gall mule) and an American pencil company Venus inked. Plus a bunch of Chinese pens I'm testing (Delike brass pen with the waverly/architect "bent nib" is so far an absolutely ludicrously good pen, even better than the Kaweco brass sport it imitates, for $15)
Any chance you have a writing sample of the Waterman? Sounds like an awesome collection!
I find that I gravitate back to three pens;
Pilot Metropolitan 'white tiger', feels good and writes so smooth
OHTO Dude, I like that it looks more modern and doesn't roll when laid down
Levenger True Writer Element, the heavy brass case feels so good in the hand and looks clasic

They all have fine nibs, though the Levenger is closer to med., and I use Diamine ink in all of them.
If I'm going EDC sleek, I've got a Stipula Passoporto. But I've found that it leaks a bit in the heat of summer. I just bought a Kaweco Liliput and will give that a try. I like that its brass.
If its off to a meeting or for notes I've got a Sailor Pro Gear slim demonstrator or a Pelikan M205 demonstrator.
I own a Pilot Vanishing Point, Pelikan 405, Stipula Passporto, and a Regal Queen Elizabeth. My everyday carry is a Sheafffer White Dot Snorkel from 1954 though. It has the original lifetime fine nib and writes better than anything else I've used before. I never let anyone use it out of fear of my nib getting ruined. I recently purchased a Sheaffer White Dot desk pen from the 1920's for $8 at an antique store.
Today in my bag:
-Kaweco Sport: gold fine nib
-Namisu Nova: Bock fine nib, but it writes more like a medium. I may need to adjust it.
-Pilot Metropolitan: EF nib

As far as ink goes, I don't remember what it is, but it is as black as the nightmares of the fish at the bottom of the ocean near the elder god of HP Lovecraft's fever dreams.
Usually I am carrying two pens daily. One rollerball and one fountain. Rolling my collections.
Today had:
1, Montblanc rollerball with Coffee Brown refill.
2. Modified and tuned to perfection Jinhao 159 with FPR nib #35 with Montblanc Toffee ink.