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My wife is a chef. She manages the prepared foods section of a Whole Foods store in Chicago. She has mad knife skills. She loves the Japanese knife I bought her for Christmas last year. It never goes in the dishwasher. I have sharpenned it but I do not use it. I have too many knife scars already.
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I love Shun's Kai's budget, but they are still amazing! :)
That’s me. I am all about budget gifts.
yeah, I bought a whitebox of the Kai Tan Ren about 6 or 7 years ago. the whole thing cost me under $200 CAD. I ended up buying kits for all my family and several of my friends and then as wedding gifts too. now the current series is called Wasabi. I bought a couple to replace my Tan Ren paring and 5" chef, but I'm not very keen on their handles. of course, I'm used to Tan Ren, so I likely just need to 'adapt'. ;)