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Working as a Fireman finding a good sharp knife is often a challenge. Sometime ago I started to gather a few knives to use for meal prep at the Firehouse. The first knife I will mention is also my favorite. It is a 10 ⅛" chef's knife that I found on eBay for less than $20. I am guessing that the knife is at least 50+ years old. The knife arrived very rusty due to the carbon steel blade. The tip of the blade was bent and the handle was in poor shape. After some a little bit of work, cleaning the blade up, giving it a nice convex edge and refinishing the handle with linseed oil, the knife had new life. I believe that that knife is made from a 1095 type steel with a rosewood handle and brass rivets. The last task was making a Japanese style wooden sheath out of an old wine box and adding some rare earth magnets to keep the blade safely inside. The next knife is a mid 1970's Case kitchen knife. The Case is also a carbon steel knife that has been factory chrome plated. This knife doesn't get used as much as the aforementioned, however it still sees some work. The last knife is a Tops Frog Market Special that performs excellent for the task of trimming and de-boning meat. And yes the Tops is also 1095. I enjoy using these knives very much, infact more than my own kitchen knives and I look forward to passing them along to my kids.
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Please start a thread of firehouse recipes!
I am not sure how to start a thread, (don't do much social media stuff) however, here is a simple chili recipe:
- 2 lbs. ground Beef/Turkey - 1 lb. cubed steak - 1 28oz can tomato sauce - 1 small can of tomato paste - 1 14 oz. can of chili beans - 1 small can of chopped Ortega chili’s - 1 large onion chopped - 1 leek chopped - 4 cloves garlic chopped - ½ cup chili powder - ¼ cup cumin - 1 Cup flower - 1 T. kosher salt - Pepper to taste
Sauteed onions, leeks, garlic with olive oil until translucent. In a large pot combine Tomato sauce, paste, beans with sauce, cumin, chili powder, Ortega chili’s and onion mixture. Cook meat in the saucepan the onion mixture was in until browned, then add to the pot. In a bowl add the flower and salt/pepper. Dredge the cubed steak in the flower mixture and then Sautee with olive oil until browned. Add the steak along with the juices to the chili pot. Salt and pepper to taste. You may add water as needed. I’ve found that the Ortega chili’s and the chili powder together give it enough spice, but you can always add cayenne pepper for more.
Love this recipe. My wife and I will have to check this out. If you ever want to start a post of your own, just follow this link:
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Really great to see someone using carbon steel knives, rock it!
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Maybe you are familiar with this company?
Yes. Though, I've done more shopping at some other Japanese knife vendors