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My main utility knife is this Leung Tim Chopper. It took a while to get used to it but it's under $50, it is not the prettiest nor is it the lightest, but it's a workhorse. For most daily uses it does the job. I dun have to worry about someone dropping it by accident into the sink, it is easily sharpened again to cut, dice, smack and chop.
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Not written by me. But was inspired to buy one. In fact these choppers sold in Hong Kong were mostly between 150-250hkd which works out to less than 35usd. The shop folks were elderly people who spoke mainly Cantonese. Luckily there were customers there who helped me translate. They have a few grades of similar looking choppers in terms of the utilisation of the chopper, eg, all rounders, meat/bone, slicing fish(hmm. Not sure how a chopper can be used to make sashimi). I bought 2. one for myself and one for a friend. Size no.1 and size no. 2. Both with the steel handles. Here's how they pair up in size. Believe there are a couple of them for sale on ebay.
This knife actually looks like so much fun hahaha. I'm too immature in the kitchen, I would use this for literally everything.
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Meats! Meats! Meats!
If he doesn't deliver the meats we will get the pitchforks!!