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Recommend AMP / DAC for the HD 6XX

Does anyone have a suggested AMP / DAC for the Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX?

Thanks everyone for the suggestions, after review I ended up getting the Schiit Modi 2 and Vali 2!
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JDS Labs Atom amp + OL DAC or Fiio M9 if you want portable
Curious if anyone have tried the new fiio q5 on these. i am currently looking for a portable dac/amp and the q5 or oppo ha-2 se is currently on my list as most interesting.
Topping D30 and Bottlehead Crack w/ Speedball is just... (no words)
I just got a Bravo Ocean from Massdrop. I like it a lot with the 6XX. Good price too.
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I might consider a topping d30 dac and any of the amps I suggested for around 200ish (depending on tubes or not) . Or the d10 (which is cheaper), but I'd prefer the d30 due to the power supply (less chance of jitter and interferenc). A d30 and a loxjie p20/Bravo Ocean would be under 200 for sure and sound better than a schitt stack for 6xx. D30 I'd a solid dac, I use it on my main listening two channel setup. I might not recommend the Loxjie P20 with the d30; only because the reason you should get this amp is for balanced imho. While the Loxjie P20 can do single ended/rca; the d30 does not have a balanced connection; so you'd always be limited by that. The grace design dac, had a balanced version in the works for 150ish at one point, but I don't think its been released yet. That would most likely be your cheapest and best balanced option or go for a SU-8 or Topping D50 for balanced (both of which I think are around 200ish from Massdrop). Cheers.
Just saw this: It could be a good option as well, if you decide you want something more powerful later, you could upgrade the amp itself. I also have one of these as my main portable amp for 199 when it drops here: There's also the dacport HD, which is good for headphones as well, but I find it darker than the dacportable. Cheers!
Chord Hugo M Scaler + Chord DAVE and Apex HiFi Audio Teton amp is my recommendation for anyone else who has the same question. And I'd suggest using AudioQuest WEL Signature interconnects to hook them up.
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Sorry, but I am confused. At the end what is the best valvolar amp for the Sennheiser HD 6XX? And there is an active drop for this suggested amp? please be clear thank for the help
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As Potato said, it's about what fits you best. There are a lot of solid DAC and Amp combinations in the $200 dollar range. When looking at a DAC realize that once you hit a certain level of quality, you have to spend A LOT more to notice a difference. The Topping D30, Massdrop Grace SDAC, and Schiit Modi are all comparable, short of the Topping offering more input options.
Amps sound different, very different. The Magni 3, and the Liquid Spark are both $99, and are capable of driving the same headphones...but they sound very, very different.
The Darkvoice 336se amp combined with the Grace SDAC is very, very hard to beat for the money when it comes to driving the hd6xx. The pairing is really something special. The drops for this entire chain happen fairly regularly on MD, with the Grace Design SDAC being the least common.
Should I buy the woo audio wa6 or airist audio heron 5 to use with the 6xx? Recommend some dacs that pair well with both these amps or any others you may recommen.
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guys what you think i have NFB-11.28 good for HD6XX ?
I would say yes, but ask someone who should really know:
I have both the NFB-11.28 and the HD6XX. I highly recommend it. Here's my review of it on Reddit: Thank you, rastus, for refering me. :)
Schiit Jotunheim. The bright detailed internal amp complements the warm 650. Through the balanced out, it delivers substantial power to control the 650 drivers tightly. The jot/650 combo gives a quick, powerful, wide, almost neutral yet musical sound.
Just as a FYI, a coworker got in his HD6XX recently and let me listen to it for the past 2 days on my system. Really is an extremely smooth and pleasant listening headphone, yet with insane amount of detail for such smooth sound along with a beautiful low end both in extension and presence. Yes it has a certain 'veil' to the sound compared to the very live sound of my TH-X00 PHs and is not as comfortable either, but all in all, I am really impressed with it.
My setup chain is as follows: laptop USB -> Gustard X20U DAC -> Schiit Loki EQ (bypassed for HD6XX and TH-X00PH use) -> modded Gustard H10 amp with full compliment of Burson V6 Classic opamps replacing the stock ones. The sound from that HD6XX on my system has me really wanting to try out the HD660S as it apears to mostly alleviate my minor gripes with the HD6XX from what I've read.
if you dont mind me asking Whats the benefit of having a loki on a digital source? when you have a inbuilt graphic Eq isn't loki designed for audio correction in record players?
No matter the system, it's the headphones that determine the final EQ needs/wants. Personally, I like physical adjustment inputs over virtual ones - being able to turn knob is quicker than going through a menu to get to EQ adjustment, plus also provides on the fly adjustment for fine tuning the effect you are looking for. I also often use optical disc devices (SACD, DVD-A, Blu-ray) which need some sort of external device for EQ adjustment.
Only thing with the Loki is it is 4 fixed bands and variable Q-factor based on position of the knob, so not as customizeable/fully effective as EQ where you can select exact band, dB, and Q-factor independently. Main thing many seem to use the Loki for in some way is boosting the low end on headphones that could use a little more... like Sennheiser HD700, Koss ESP950, M1060, etc.... It works very well for helping fill out the low end with a little more body and fullness.
So i'm debating between these amps Max price 150 I would like a mic spot but i'm ok if it doesn't have one. OBJECTIVE2 FiiO E10K USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier
Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 (1st GENERATION) 6 In/6 Out USB 2.0 Audio Interface With Two Focusrite Mic Preamps
I joined the drop and paid for hd6xx headphones and want to get a headphone amp/ dac as my asus notebooks output power and value is not good enough to drive them.My budget is around 200USD.I want to be shipped from China/HK as they usually not stopped at our customs.
What did you end up choosing? I'm in your same boat now
Also, please consider Woo WA6 with a Sophia Princess rectifier Tube. I my wa6 with mojo as a dac. It gives the 650 a very liquid and warm-filled sound, perfect for acoustic/vocal music.
A great option is the schiit Jotunheim. But at 200 the schiit magni 2 and modi 2 are great and if you feel like taking it at steps. You could get a 1/8(aux) to rca cable(both male) and just get the magni 2 at a 100$. Hope that helps :)
Could you power hd 6xx with fiio e10k?? Thanks and if not what DAC amp is there for around £80 that would be better? Cheers
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It can, but the build quality is somewhat questionable (I had 2 that broke within a week of normal use and one of them outputted an extremely loud noise that blew out my CA Andromeda drivers which was $1100... good thing they were still on warranty but still.)
I'd honestly recommend something bigger or of better quality, the HD 650s scale pretty well with better gear, I'd recommend Schiit Jotunheim if you got the budget for it and just get the DAC module (I don't really buy into that whole multibit stuff and I really don't like the idea of having to "warm up" my DACs) I honestly wouldn't spend more than $600 for a DAC/AMP setup for HD650s, so the Jotunheim sits pretty close to the edge and is a good setup for anything else you wanna build on it in the future.
I, respectfully, could not agree less with this statement.
Looks like I'm a little late to the party since you've already purchased something, but FWIW I am driving my 650s with the Oppo HA-2SE and I have zero complaints. If you don't need the portability though, the price may not be worth it to you. Also the Oppo is plug and play with iDevices and comes with a lightning jumper (although you can use any lightning cable). That's one of the pieces of information that was lacking from the few reviews I read out there so, just in case you were wondering.
I've also driven my AKG 7XX, Audeze LCD-X, and all three of my Shure IEMs (215, 535LTD, 846) from the Oppo and they all sound great. The bass boost on the Oppo is a nice option to have for when you want a little more punch in the low end.
Hope you're enjoying your new setup!
I love my HA2SE!
So you decided on audiophile junk instead of an actual well designed DAC/amp, sucks for you OP.
Idk after reading reviews and getting opinions from other people I ended up getting these because they fit what I need them to do and more importantly they fit my price range. What would you have recommended instead in the same price range? Il keep it in mind for next time.
So I assume you have actually heard/owned the equipment OP purchased? OH wait this is the internet... what am I saying of course you've never heard these and are a bit salty by the reception you got at head-fi...
I'm also curious about this, have you tried Epic music with this combo ? I really want your thought before getting them :D
Hello, could you tell me when will the new drop?
Nobody knows except maybe Massdrop and Sennheiser. You'll get a notification when it goes live again if you're one of the folks who have requested it.
Jds the element , audeze deckard , o2 , smsl m6 , schiit jotunheim
I agree with the JDS Element recommendation. Well worth the little extra cash over something like the O2. Not knocking the O2 but in my opinion the Element sounds better and the industrial design is a thing of beauty.
Woah what is this price bracket? XD I've got the Jotunheim and deckard and they are great amps but it's not fair comparing it to the element(much better form factor and price)
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That's a good question. As I said previously, I look at the output power, but I think the answer might actually lie in phase shift variation across the audio band.
which one should you get for the sennheiser 6xx. I'm a noob but i was thinking about picking both of them up just don't know which amp to get since there are 4 options.
How's oppo ha-2 to drive this?
I use the Oppo HA-2 for my HD600 and it drives them just fine. Though the amp is just a touch warm for my taste.
Am I going to be fine with an Apogee One?
Yes but i have the apollo twin and LOVE it,, also you gert the classic plug ins with it
Can't go wrong with a smsl m6
Good thing I bought a Schiit Jotunheim for these headphones and then was unable to buy them after repeated attempts. Watching the number of units sold climb from 500 to 1400 to 3500 to finished was really a great experience. Thanks for putting a dozen temp charges on my credit card and not letting me actually join the drop!
yea the jot with the DAC addition is beastly I heard. hoping MD and senn make more love babies that is the HD6xx. Bring back the same colorway
I would recommend looking into Bursons amps. I have used some and they are amazing for both sound stage and clarity. I recently ordered their mobile DAC/Amp the Conductor Air and I will speak more of its performance once I get it in.
Ever got them? :D
I did the Air has a great sound signature. It’s sound stage is very open. I’ve been considering selling it since I also bought a desk unit from them which is the Burson Play l. It suits my needs better than the Air does. It’s very similar to a modified STX but with better over all clarity (The Air is that is.) The Play offers even better performance than both of the other two however.
I've got the 600's that I paired with Schitt Asgard 2 and Bifrost Multibit (dunno if there's really a difference or not between multibit and non, but I decided to splooge.) They work excellent on them and I imagine these will too. Probably going to keep these as my new daily's and take my 600's to work.
you splooged on them? man i hope you cleaned them up. I prefer to splurge on my DAC and amps :P
I have an objective 2 and a darkvoice and pair them with a hd650. The vast majority of the time I prefer the objective. If I just want to mellow out and listen to music for a short while I'll have fun with the darkvoice. For anything else I prefer the o2.
NwAvGuy(designer of the o2) actuall used hd650s as part of the validation process for the o2. The o2 would be my recommendation.
im a noob when it comes to audio so i dont know the difference between the 220v and the 110v and standard gain and medium gain, is there any way you recommend one for the 6xx
If you want to go tube, i'd say either a little dot MkIV, a Darkvoice 336, or if you want to build your own from a kit, a bottlehead crack.
If you want solid state, I'd look at the schiit asgard2 or maybe a matrix
how about the open drops? SMSL M6?
schiit magni 2 is on Amazon for $119
Will the grace m9xx be a good fit for hd6xx