Nov 6, 2016

Steinhart Watch Drop?

Would anyone else like to see a drop from Steinhart pilots watches? Those things are beautiful and hover around $400 for a swiss movement, you can't beat them and I bet there could be a pretty good deal there as they really only sell online. Man, I just think these things look perfect and you can't beat that have to start looking at Stowa or IWC to get there and that is in the $1500+ range

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Seriously, why hasn't this happened yet? I need a Steinhart Nav B in my life.
I'd be interested. I have the OVM ( which is pretty nice but subtle. For Fliegers I really like the hand-winding model with display back ( I'm not super fond of all the too-obvious Rolex homages but their own GMT diver is cool (
Sure, I like their divers.
Yes, please!
My favorite Steinhart; or the 44mm
I'd love to see the Nav B-Chrono !
I wish that Steinhart had a "B-muster" dial design (with the minutes on the outside, hours toward the middle, as in the photo you posted, but with a display back. Perhaps not authentic, but I want to see my watch innerds whenever possible! Even with 30 different configurations, they seemed to have missed the automatic B-muster with exhibition back combination.
any Steinhart would work for me
Why not??
I prefer a Steinhart watch drop, for example:
Ocean One Vintage, Ocean Vintage Military or Nav B Chronograph II DLC.
I would love a vintage 1
It's amazing that there is absolutely no branding on the watch face. Is the crown signed, or do you have to look at the back to find out who made it?
I think there is an S on the crown, but I finally saw one the other day in person and it was amazing
Or a laco pilot watch
Love the look and the classic design. The hands have a nice contrast to the face. Sweet find and I hope it goes up!
Very good timepiece
i have ten steinharts and for its performance and value, few can match
Let's see a picture dude! Post it in the state of watch collection thread
i try.. but now in nite shift.. and using a none camera handphone...
I would be in for a Titanium 500
A drop for a Nav B-Uhr 44 Vintage TITAN B-Muster would be great
That's exactly the one I had my eye on