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Steinhart Watch Drop?

Would anyone else like to see a drop from Steinhart pilots watches? Those things are beautiful and hover around $400 for a swiss movement, you can't beat them and I bet there could be a pretty good deal there as they really only sell online. Man, I just think these things look perfect and you can't beat that have to start looking at Stowa or IWC to get there and that is in the $1500+ range

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I would like to see more Steinhart and other pilot watches in the 1,000$ and under range.
I like their divers better. For pilot watches I would go for Laco
I'm itching for a Bronze watch to grow some patina:
I created a poll for Steinhart divers a a month ago or so, still waiting for Massdrop to make it happen. Divers or pilot - these are really good budget watches. I would get Ocean One or similar diver - 100%. My 50th anniversary green Submariner is not a good option to go fishing, people call me crazy for wearing 10K watch while cutting bunker and clams. That is where Steinhart come in. Great, reliable watch for a very reasonable price. Can anyone from Massdrop post a comment or something to let everyone know if we should wait here or turn to eBay?

I love my Steinhart O1 GMT (ceramic bezel)! The quality, attention to detail, and value is out of this world! Just a beautiful piece. I have this on on an Erika's Original MN strap. It is one of the most comfortable bands I own and really works well with the military aesthetic/James Bond diver thing.
Check out Erika's stuff is AWESOME! Plus Erika is a wonderful super nice woman!
(not a paid advertising they just rock!)
Steinhart designs good watches, though they source the actual manufacturing to Grovana. I have a NAV B-Uhr Type A 44mm, plus an Ocean One Titanium 500m and they are very nice.

The thing is, Steinhart already sells online and, if I remember correctly, the only authorized reseller is Gnomon. As such, it's gonna be very hard to get a Steinhart drop going because there are only two sources where MD could get units from.
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Exactly - they aren't able to mark down a $450 watch to $200, they've already passed most of the cost savings on to the consumer.

It does give one pause when you think about the price some brands demand simply because of a Swiss made stamp (and I really like my Glycine).
Well said - I really like mine too :)
I would be thrilled to see this Steinhart Nav B-Uhr 44 premium automatik. It is already a GREAT buy for an ETA 2892-A2 Elabore' movement Pilot watch with lots of other features.
I have the Nav B-Uhr manual wind in bronze and I love it. I’m looking at their sterile type B flieger in titanium.
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That's the Steinhart in the middle between a Zelos Chroma bronze and a Maranez Rawai brass. The finish was a a little "satin-y" at first but it developed a nice darkish patina over time.
Love to see the Ocean Vintage Military.
Yes, please
Seriously, why hasn't this happened yet? I need a Steinhart Nav B in my life.
I'd be interested. I have the OVM ( which is pretty nice but subtle. For Fliegers I really like the hand-winding model with display back ( I'm not super fond of all the too-obvious Rolex homages but their own GMT diver is cool (
Sure, I like their divers.
Yes, please!
My favorite Steinhart; or the 44mm