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Today, a sentimental favorite ... . Its a 1966 PARKER 75. This one has the Vermeil finish (a thin wash of gold over sterling silver) and has a Medium Oblique nib.
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Dad has the "Flattop" a name which, he insists, may be considered a true American portmanteau. From the Eames era! jeeze Anyway he's used one since I was in diapers ('early 70's). All his pen and ink art, '74 to current, all of his correspondence, this pen. Grandmother's was the gold-wash 75 above, my mom had the Sterling silver 40th? Edition? Probably got it for her 40th birthday, nevermind.
Whatever, a beautiful silver one. They take on a unique and splendid finish over decades of use: the pen becomes a custom-fit tool as the grid wears down in the high-friction patches of the writer's grip. Beautiful heirloom-quality pens, the Parker 75s.
Not a flat top. "... last days of PARKER's dominance ..."?! I cannot agree. The 75 remained in production for at least 15 years after this one was made. Then came the modern Duofold and Sonnet, both major players in their respective markets.
Today I'm sharing another PARKER in my rotation. (Yeah, I have a thing about PARKERs) This is from the '50s and is a prototype of what would become the PARKER 61; known sometimes as the 61 Prototype. It's shape and details are mesmerizing to me ... and it writes beautifully as well!
A classic from the last days of Parker's dominance in the domestic market! Can't tell from the shot but might it be a "flat-top" as well? Don't part with it, their value keeps going up every year...
Very nice, I really like smaller oblique nibs.
I also have one of those pens. I use it quite often in my rotation!